Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 2: Release Date, Where to Watch English Subs Online, COUNTDOWN

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 2 came out recently. The entertaining show about a dragon who, ironically, is a weakling has won hearts over the world right from its first episode. The second episode will tell us more about the feisty dragon and his to-be comrades. To know more about the show, keep reading.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 2 Release

Episode 2 will be out on 11 April for premium Funimation users. For others, it will be available by 18 April. The show is currently being streamed on Funimation, and the new episode will air in different time zones accordingly. It will air at around 10:00 pm JST in Japan. It will be out by 6:00 am Pacific time in the Pacific region, and it will air at 2:00 pm by British time.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Synopsis

Written by Kawo Tanuki and illustrated by Choco Aya, ‘Dragon Goes House-Hunting’ is a shonen-fantasy manga that went underprint in 2016. The manga is set up in an imaginary world dominated by elves, monsters, dwarves, and other mythical creatures. In this world, if a dragon is not fearful enough, it is thrown out of his house.

Letty is a young, weak, and timid dragon who lives in this world. As per tradition, Letty is kicked out of his house, and now he must find a safe place for himself- he must buy a home! Now Letty embarks on a journey, but the road is not easy since everyone wants him dead, literally. House hunting has never been this bad! You can watch the trailer below:

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 1 Recap

In episode 1, Letty, our amusing dragon protagonist, is cast out since he is not so mighty a dragon. Now Letty must buy a house for himself. Knowing that dwarves are the best builders, he tried to contact them and seek out their help. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a very troubling feat since the dwarves imprison him. They almost killed him for his meat which is immensely valuable somehow.

In a very not worth mentioning manner, Letty makes his escape only to end up in another life-threatening situation. A group proclaimed as ‘heroes’ finds and wants to kill him because he is a dragon. By the breadth of hair, he is saved from death because of an elf named Daria, a demon lord. Dearia now becomes his comrade, and the two continue their journey together.

A still from episode 1 of ‘Dragon Goes House Hunting’ (Image: Epicstream)

Last Words

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 2 is a must-watch. A humourous show in a fantasy set up is not rare, but such a storyline is not typical, and ‘Dragon Goes House-Hunting’ indeed does justice to its plot.