Dragon Ball Z: What’s Between Android 21 And Dr. Gero? Might Shock You

Basically, Dragon Ball Z is a game. A game developed by Arc System Works. The release year of the series is 2018. In a short while, the game received a huge positive response. The gameplay of the Dragon Ball inspired by other action or fighting games. Android 21 enters the arena. A character created by Akira Toriyama. The characters of the anime videogame series are created by the sole creator. The article reveals about the relationship between doctor Gero and Android 21. Let us find out.

Does Android 21 and Doctor Gero have a secret relationship in Dragon Ball Z?

We all know that Dr. Gero has evolved more than any other character in the series. All the characters including Goku and that of Fighter Z have partnered with researchers. But, none have evolved like Gero. After the destruction of the criminal organization by Saiyan, Gero set his mind to kill Goku. He is developing a species named Android. Android will help killing Goku. Androids are powerful species.

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Doctor Gero can transform his consciousness into those Androids. However, after he destructed the scientists by the androids. He would not be present in the game. But, his legacy would continue throughout the game story. A new character that is Android 21 entered into the game. The Android 21 an antagonist from the Red ribbon army.

Android 21 features the data, and DNA information. This info is of Z fighters including Majin Buu. The story continues. Meanwhile, Android 21 reveals deep dark secrets of the past.

Android 21 revealed that she and doctor Gero once had a romantic relationship!

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At that time both Gero and Android 21 were humans. They were in the Red ribbon army. Moreover, they were married! Wait what!!!!!

Yes, also both had a son together named Gebo. Android 16 is their creation inspired by their son. Gebo joined the red ribbon army. Once, in a fight, he got killed by an enemy fighter.

Android 16 is only created to kill both Goku and Cell. But, in the long run, they found that Gebo’s Android version had grown for love. Moreover, the wife of Gero has stayed a mystery to all. A new Android 21 repairs the Android 16. He restores Android 16’s programming.

Android 21’s story contains tragic events. Android 21 lost her son in a fight against army troops. She then tried to restore his son’s identity by robotic means. The possibility of Android 21 to lose her humanity, turned her into a robot.

This is how the storyline revolves around Goku and these Androids.

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