Dragon Ball Super Season 2 – What We Know So far

It might be hard for some to believe, but it has been over 30 years since the insanely popular shonen anime “Dragon Ball” first hit the screens. Whereas it has been over 6 years since its popular sequel “Dragon Ball Super” hit the screens. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z singlehandedly played an immense role in spreading the popularity of “Anime” to the western world. As far as I can remember, almost every boy in my class watched this amazing show while growing up—each of their notebooks filled with the fan arts featuring Goku and Vegeta. Dragon ball is truly a story to behold.

Goku living as a farmer with his family
Image: Toei animation

Even now, the popularity of the anime doesn’t show any signs of fading. In 2015, much to the fan’s delight Dragon Ball Super was released. Dragon Ball Super was aired from July 5, 2015, to March 25, 2018. Coming out with 131 episodes, the show served as the sequel to the Dragon Ball Manga. Consequently, This article will discuss the release date of Dragon Ball Super season 2.

Will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 come out in 2021?

Dragon Ball Super was brought out to the screens and animated by the infamous Toei Animation. As of now, there have been no recent announcements about Season 2 by the producers. Therefore, it is safe for us to assume that season 2 will probably not air in 2021.

There can be many reasons for the delay in the release of season 2. First of all, the Covid-19 Pandemic halted almost every major project in the mass media world. The pandemic sent almost every anime and manga projects into a hiatus. With delayed and halted productions and release dates continuously being pushed back, it comes as no surprise that Season 2 of the fan beloved anime also suffered the consequences.

A big fight is coming between Goku vs Beerus
Image: Funimation

The second possible reason is that the anime, as we know, has caught up with the recently released manga. With shows as long as these, the continuous and new source material is mandatory. Often, we do not realize the amount of pressure it can put on the writers.

We have seen a lot of super popular animes being halted for the very same reason. For ex- Hunter X Hunter, also known as “God of shonen”, has been completely halted due to the author’s poor health because of the constant demand for new chapters and content. Therefore, all we can do  for now is to wait and watch.

What Can We Expect

Goku and the God of destruction Beerus
Image: Toei animation

In conclusion, It is true that there are no signs of a Season 2 coming out in 2021, However, fans should not let this bring their spirits down. A little bit of patience can go a long way. According to the reports with the new chapters being released every week, it is likely that Season 2 is most likely going to air in the fall or the winter of 2022.

Fans can access the latest episodes on Crunchyroll. For more details on Dragon Ball Super season 2 keep on following this post!

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