Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO (Movie) Release Date and More Updates

The new Dragon Ball Movie Super named SUPERHERO is scheduled to be released in 2022. The name of its prequel is Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The story is written by Akira Torimiya. He is responsible for the screenplay too. It will be produced by Norihiro Hayashida and distributed by Toei Company. Akio Iyoku and Hirihiro Hayashia are the executive directors. The teaser trailer of the film was released in July 2021.

Although no official synopsis has been released, many believe that the movie will mark the return of Saiyaman (Gohan’s superhero alter ego). Masaka Nozawa (Goku’s voice actor) excitedly mentioned that the film would include a new unnamed character. Gohan and Videl seem to be the main focus of the film. Their daughter and Goku’s grandaughter, Pan, will also appear in the movie. We all are very curious about what might happen in the movie, but we can’t assume anything just yet.

Image: Hypebeast

In the official trailer, we all witnessed a significant change in Krillin’s character design. He looks more like the manga adaption now. Interestingly, the film will be CG-animated and will not follow the manga’s or the anime’s timeline. It seems as though the film has the potential of being successful at the box office.  

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Although some fans are disappointed for not hearing any news about the show’s return, most are excited about the movie. The last film had extraordinary animation and a story filled with incredible fights without any filler scenes. If the new film is anything like its prequel, it is understandable if the fans prefer it over the anime, which includes fillers between each story arc. They hope that the story writers go for a different plot rather than adapting the Moro arc. They also want Goku and Vegeta to fight using what they’re currently learning in the manga with the movie quality animation.

The executive directors have confirmed that the movie will include new plot twists and turns. With the CG animation and exciting story, it is going to be a big success!