Dragon Ball Announced Return of This Classic Dragon Ball Z Villain

Dragon Ball is back with a bang! and it has brought a happening update…

It is good news for all the Dragon Ball lovers out there as a Dragon Ball Z villain is all set to return in the new episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series. The rumor was floating in the market for a while now. Recently, it has been confirmed officially by the Dragon Ball.

The second chapter of this anime series has acclimated the events from the Big Bang Mission arc, which is part of the original arcade game in Japan. Goku and Vegeta are in a new mirror universe developed using only Fu’s powers in the second part. The series of events in the latest episode has started a new Space-Time war arc in the upcoming season of this anime series.

If you have not watched the new episode yet, here are the interesting updates that you missed.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes witnessed the return of allied characters such as Gohan and others. Now, the re-entry of these allied characters will also bring some villains back in series. Goku and Vegeta will face these villains. Moreover, “Dr. W” made a return to the franchise from Dragon Ball X movie, The World’s Strongest. He has made a short appearance during the Big Bang Mission arc. The latest episode has confirmed Dr. Wheelo return along with Bojack (with a new hairstyle this time).

Now, let us come back to the interesting new return. There are quite a few anticipations as there are many good options for the main villain’s return in the second part of the movie. Now, here is something more interesting that you should know. Because Gou and Vegeta are busy in the new universe fighting other enemies, it becomes others’ responsibility to defeat this new villain.

If you want to check out the latest release, you should certainly see it for yourself. It is titled “Warrior in Black vs Goku Black! The Dark Plot is Revealed!” We are really curious to see how these events will unfold. Are you excited about the next chapter and the exciting role of this classic villain.?

We will be back with more such updates soon, until then stay safe and keep supporting us!