Dr. Stone Season 2 Ends On An Emotional Note As Series Already Gets A Renewal For Season 3

With the release of Episode 11 for Dr. Stone Season 2, the anime’s ongoing season drew to an end. The last episode was released on 25th March, Thursday and was quite the emotional rollercoaster for fans. Read on to find out what happened in the episode, and what can be expected next from the series.

What happened in the season finale of Dr. Stone?

Everyone returns to Tsukasa’s base and Hyoga and Homura are thrown behind bars due to the crimes they committed. Yuzuriha works with the others to restore the people who were destroyed by Tsukasa. Currently, it seemed as if the Kingdom of Science had reached its best result. However, Senku had promised a bloodless siege. That seemed out of the question as Tsukasa was on the brink of death. Hyoga’s spear had torn through him and damaged his organs. There was no quick fix and even the healing liquid was not of much help. Senku can only do one thing to save Tsukasa’s life and that is to petrify him.

However, no one knows how the petrification had initially happened and Senku must work towards finding out the mysteries behind it. This sets the age of exploration. Senku will take a few years before he finds the answer, and Tsukasa has only a few hours. To save him for now, Senku puts Tsukasa in a cyro-sleep and decides to return to him when he has more answers. 

The episode comes to an end with an emotional tribute of Senku and Tsukasa’s friendship, showing that they never really hated each other. Instead, they had a dynamic relationship, one filled with respect for each other. 

Senku and Tsukasa
Senku and Tsukasa

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Surprising reference to Dragon Ball Z in Dr. Stone

In a slide show, shown by Gen we see listed a few animes and mangas. While the names are not mentioned the fans managed to catch a glimpse of Goku. Gen even referred to these as some of the best anime and mangas to exist and marked them as the peak of humanity. 

Renewal of Season 3

Even though the episode came to an end on such a note, fans have something to look forward to. Just a few hours before the release of the season finale, the creators of Dr. Stone had already announced that season 3 was on its way. Though not much details about the season has been given or when it will be released, we can expect Senku to continue on this journey in the age of exploration and find help for Tsukasa. Fans are expecting the release of season 3 around 2022. Till then, you can watch the trailer for the new season here:




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