Dr. Stone Chapter 191 Release Date, Spoilers, And Everything We Know

Dr. Stone Chapter 191 is highly anticipated by fans. It has been taking exciting twists in the recent chapters. One of the five Wise Generals was killed in the previous chapter. Gen Asagiri heard his screams and tried to surrender using a white flag, but Stanley and his men shot it down.

Elsewhere, Senku and Kaseki begin to back down at the fort; they watch as the diamonds burn. Kaseki is highly disappointed and feels that he let everyone down. Chrome tells him that he is wrong and that Joel had managed to create a Medusa. However, the device was seen and destroyed by Stanley’s man.

Senku comes to know that Kohaku, Tsukasa, and Hyoga were successful in destroying the enemy’s transceiver by risking their lives. This gives Senku an idea; he sends a message to the North American base. Joel and the others read that Stanley has ordered them to unleash a suicide attack. We are incredibly excited to see what will happen next.

Dr. Stone Chapter 191 Release Date

The Series will take a break next week, so there won’t be a chapter this Sunday; we can expect the next chapter to come out on April 4, 2021, though there hasn’t been an official announcement. The chapter will be released at 12 AM JST.

Spoilers and Updates

Stanley is now unable to communicate with the rest of his men in NA, which is an excellent opportunity for Senku and the gang; they will have to construct a counterattack. Joel and his friends are still being held hostage by Stanley’s men. Senku will most likely prepare another one of his do-or-die plans.

Dr. Stone: Senku and other members of the Kingdom of Science (Image: GameRevolution)

Luna and Chelsea will likely play an essential role in the next chapter. They were a safe distance from the explosion, and Stanley’s men, too, are unaware of their position. I guess that they will be the ones to carry the diamonds to Kaseki and Chrome, who will then start working on making a petrification device. They already know how to make it, thanks to instructions from Joel. Will they be able to pull it off? Who will win this war, Senku or Stanley? And what will happen to Carlos?

You can read the manga on Viz or the MangaPlus Shueisha website. You can also check out the anime on Crunchyroll.