Digimon Adventure Episode 49: Release Date and Preview!

Digimon Adventure Episode 49 will be out soon. As the journey of our adventurers continues, fans are excited as the new episodes keep coming. Now, we are wondering what will happen in episode 49 of this adventure fantasy.

The anime was announced in 2020 January and is set to air for 66 episodes. So far, 48 episodes have aired, so that the anime will come to an end this year. Toei Animation studios produce the anime. A continuation of the Digimon franchise, the anime is quite famous, especially amongst kids. Now, the show’s new episode will be out soon. Read ahead to find out more about the anime and its latest episode.

Digimon Adventure Episode 49 Release Date

Episode 48 of the anime debuted on 16 May. New episodes for the show come out weekly every Sunday. So the new episode will be out on 23 May, that is next week Sunday. Toei Animation produces the show, and the show was made in times of pandemic. The anime is currently being broadcasted on Fuji TV in Japan.

Digimon Adventure- Where Can We Watch The Anime?

The anime is available on the streaming giant Crunchyroll for now. Also, Hulu has got the rights the stream the show. Additionally, Animelab has also licensed the anime. You can check out all the episodes so far on the above websites. However, all the episodes can be streamed only after getting a paid subscription on these sites.

Digimon Adventure Episode 49 Preview

The studio has dropped the preview for episode 49. Take a look below:


Be sure to catch Taichi and his friends in the digital world in the upcoming episode!

What is Digimon Adventure all about?

A continuation of the Digimon franchise, which debuted in 1999, the show also has a similar storyline. The show is set up in alternate 2020, where technology is much advanced. A single network connects all gadgets. Unknown to humans, it has become home to creatures known as ‘Digimon.’  Now, suddenly, things start changing.

A still from the show (Image: Flixlist)

Taichi Yagami, in fifth grade, is preparing for summer camp when strange things start happening in Tokyo. Electronic systems are going haywire, and Taichi’s mother and sister are trapped on an unstoppable train. Taichi hurries to the station but is transported to another world. There a strange creature named Agumon meets and recognizes Taichi. Also, Taichi receives a ‘Digivice,’ which helps him communicate with the outside world. In this world known as ‘Network,’ Taichi, with his partner, must fight off virus-like Digimon and protect Tokyo.


Digimon Adventures 2020 reboot is also being much loved. As the show goes on, fans are excited about the show. What are your thoughts on the upcoming episode? However, stay tuned for further news. Meanwhile, check out the Top 10 Best White-Haired Male Anime Characters!