Digimon Adventure Episode 48: Release Date And Time, Countdown And Where To Watch Online

Imagine an RPG world plus a little bit of the storyline from Alice In The Wonderland and a hint of pokemon, and there you have it that can sum up the plot of this show. If you think you’ll be interested in a story like that, then Digimon Adventure is definitely it for you. Written by Reiko Yoshida, this is a story about 7 young children. While attending their summer camp in the “real world,” these 7 kids are magically transported into a “Digiworld” with the help of their “digivices” that they found in their camp.

Much like the name “pokemon,” which is short for the pocket monster. In Digiworld, there are also monsters named “Digimon,” which is short for Digital monsters. The children soon find out that they can befriend these Digimon and help them navigate their way through this new world. However, it is soon revealed that the children weren’t brought here by coincidence. The truth is all seven of these children are actually “the chosen ones,” born to save the Digiworld from Devimon.

With the help of their digivices that grant them the power to evolve into superior levels and ofcourse with the help of the cute but deadly Digimons, the seven children embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Digimon Adventure Episode 48 Release Date And Time

Digimon Adventure
Image: Crunchyroll

You will be pleased to know that episode 48 is just around the corner! Digimon Adventure Episode 48 is all set to be released on Sunday, 16th of May 2021 at 9:00 (JST), 6:00 am (IST), and 5:30 am (PST). However, fans should make sure to check the release date and the timings with their content provider to avoid any discrepancies. Although our information is 100% legitimate, every site has its very own system. Therefore, the timings can vary.

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Where Can You watch Episode 48 In English Sub/Dub Online?

Digimon adventure characters
Image: Crunchyroll

Fans can watch the latest episodes of Digimon Adventure for free on sites like Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. However, Crunchyroll and viz media run on a subscription basis, but fans can definitely check out their free trial to decide whether they want in or not. You can also check out sites like 4anime and AnimixplayHd, which are free, ofcourse but can ask for donations from time to time.

Fans should know that our subscription to Crunchyroll and viz media contributes to manga writers, creators, and the anime community. For the long term, our little contributions can help the community thrive in all the various countries and make sure none of the production runs out of business. A little price to pay for the greater good.