Demon Slayer 3rd And 4th Arc Streamed On Funimation

While the second season of Demon Slayer is just at the doorstep, Funimation streamed a recompiled version of Demon Slayer’s 3rd and 4th arc. Furthermore, the production also instated the Mugen Train arc to start streaming from October 10th, 2021. Hence, the fans will finally get what they awaited after two years. With the recompilation of the Asakusa arc and Tsuzumi Mansion arc released on October 7th, Funimation has recapped the fans and made them ready for the upcoming season.

Demon Slayer 3rd Arc (Akasuka City)

The third arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba is a substantial one for the anime. Not only does it introduce the antagonist, but it also introduces Lady Tamayo and Yushiro. Furthermore, this arc compiles episodes 7-10 and manga chapters 14-19.

Tanjiro Faces Muzan Kibutsuji

After completing his first mission, Tanjiro ventures to Asakusa City in Tokyo. Enjoying the delicacies with his half-demon sister Nezuko, he encounters a similar smell. Undoubtedly, the smell reeked of the demon who had killed his family. Following it, Tanjiro encounters Muzan Kibutsuji– the antagonist of Demon Slayer. Though he’s able to confront him, Muzan makes a master move and successfully escapes Tanjiro. Thereafter a demon named Lady Tamayo and her assistant named Yushiro greet Tanjiro.

Muzan Kiibutsuji (Animex)

Lady Tamayo And Yushiro

While trying to apprehend Muzan, Tanjiro gains the attention of a demon named Lady Tamayo. Unlike other demons, Lady Tamayo doesn’t get urges to kill humans. She has well managed her desires. Furthermore, she works on a cure to change the demons back to being humans. Since she’s a high threat to Muzan’s plan, he sends over some of his underlings to eliminate her. Thus, we can presume she’d be a key feature in the future of Demon Slayer.

Lady Tamayo (Netflix)

Arrow Demon And Temari Demon

Due to Tanjiro’s interruption, Muzan had to let go of his current family. This enraged him, and thus he sent Susamaru and Yahaba to eliminate Tanjiro. Since he was with Lady Tamayo, it was an excellent opportunity for the duo to kill two birds with one stone. Although the duo proved to be strong, they were finally defeated by the protagonist and his sister Nezuko. Moreover, Lady Tamayo and Tanjiro agreed to find the cure for turning demons back to humans together.

Demon Slayer 4th arc (Tsuzumi Mansion Arc)

While the third arc introduced us to the antagonist, the fourth arc added some companions to Tanjiro’s group. After journeying along with his sister, Tanjiro finally got some comrades in Zenitsu and Inosuke. Moreover, this arc of Demon Slayer also gave an insight into the transformation of Humans to Demons. Tanjiro is back on his ventures as a demon corps assassin. This arc compiles episodes 11-14 and manga chapters 20-27.

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Nonetheless, he hears screams in a forest. Through his extraordinary olfactory powers, he traces the smell of blood from a mansion. There, he meets a pair of young kids. Thereafter, they explain the situation as to how their brother is stuck in the mansion with a demon. Without thinking any further, Tanjiro enters the mansion. After a couple of events, Tanjiro finally finishes the demon of Tsuzumi Mansion. In there, he meets Inosuke– a ruthless swordsman who heads on to kill any demon he sees, and Zenitsu– a coward who shows great potential after losing consciousness. Demon Slayer continues to Mt. Nobunaga arc after this.

Zenitsu (DeviantArt)

Hence, the recompilation is just a recap for the fans. With the Mugen Train arc just starting this Sunday, let’s see how much love it gets from the fandom. The anime can be viewed on Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.