Deca Dence Episode 12: “Omega” The Mightiest Gadoll Till Now

Everybody knows that we live in a time of constant change. That change is inevitable anywhere you look. The world evolves just like we do. The decadent society is, by definition, a victim of its own creativity. Similarly, in the world of “Deca Dence”, we see many such co-relations to our world. This peculiar story leaves us wanting for more, as we are intrigued by the concept of ‘Cyborgs’ as a society living and surviving together with humans. “Deca Dence Episode 12”  titled appropriately, “Decadence” which is the last episode of this post-apocalyptic cyborg societal world adapting series. The Season Finale arrives soon enough.

Decadence (ˈdɛkəd(ə)ns) : moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.

In this harrowing story, we see a “Dystopian Game” world, a bit similar to HBO’s  Super Hit “West World” series, including the risk to lives. Even “Attack on Titan” comes to mind. But rest assured, it is nothing like it. As there happens to be a baffling emergence of mysterious life forms called, ‘Gadoll’. And they wipe out the human population by 90%! The remaining 10% pool out their wisdom and creates cyborgs and this dystopian world called the “Deca Dence” to kill the gadolls and survive as a futuristic civilization. Deca Dence is a 3000 meters-high mobile fortress city surrounded by walls, built to protect the denizens — Gears and Tankers from Gadolls. Outside those walls are the monstrous Gadolls.

Cyborgs: Originally meant humans who had some part of their bodies changed to machinery, but gradually the trend shifted towards mechanizing the entire body. Though they are still called Cyborgs, they are quite different beings compared to the early Cyborgs. (According to Deca Dence Fandom: Wiki)

Deca Dence Episode 11: Stills From This Episode Where Jill Is Explaining Why The New Anomaly Occurred. Image Source: YouTube.

For those of you who have been following this show since it first premiered in July 2020, here are some need-to-know details-

When will Deca Dence Episode 12 Release?

Releasing every Wednesday at 11:30 PM JST, ‘Deca Dence Episode 12’ will release tomorrow; i.e. 23rd of September 2020. 

Previously on Deca Dence Episode 11:

Deca Dence Episode 11: Kaburagi Saves Natsume Using A Harpoon. Image Source: YouTube.

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Kaburagi’s future form in another world saves Natsume from Hugin by spearing him with a harpoon. Suddenly a terrifying crustacean-type gadoll appears, it attacks the fortress using lasers that cut through space and hones in on the target “Deca Dence” Fortress. 15 Minutes Prior to this Jill is explaining Cyborg Kaburagi, “The gadolls were not designed to have a free will. Maybe the prospect of extinction led them to mutate. From the system’s perspective, this is just another Bug.”

Deca Dence Episode 11: Deca Dence Attacked Using A Canon But Omega Held It And Used Some Type Of Electric Charge.

After having a one-on-one battle with the new enemy whose might is abnormal. Even the evil corp ‘Solid Quake Corporation’ which monopolized the Deca Dence is out of sorts and cannot handle the situation. Having no choice, the system starts the countdown resets the fortress. That would lead to the erasing of the existence of everyone in the game.  However, Kaburagi steps up after Jill reveals that you can log in to the game again. But someone needs to connect their core to Deca Dence’s. Kaburagi wants to take control of the fortress as an avatar. Minato tries to dissuade him. But in the end Minato helps Kabu.

Deca Dence Episode 11: Kaburagi Attached To The Deca Dence’s Core. Image Source: YouTube.

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Deca Dence Episode 12 Spoilers and Speculations:

The new enemy does not have a chip, so they cannot kill it as easily using the GSS (Gadoll Genocide System). For the very first time, Natsume gets to see the cyborgs in their authentic form. She even saw Kaburagi while passing by in his Cyborg form, unrecognizable to her. Jill explains how the situation can be handled, but who even is Jill? According to her, she is merely a cyborg turned bug. How does she know all this? She says she was on the team responsible for developing the Deca Dence’s Core.  The Big reveal that Jill left a bug in Deca Dence. Is she talking about Natsume? Check out the next episode releasing tomorrow for more.

Deca Dence Episode 11: Minato To The Left, Kaburagi. Image Source: YouTube.

Can Kaburagi and Minato Stop The Deca Dence Shut Down By Bringing Omega Down? Will Natsume Come To Assist Her ‘Boss’? It’s high-time we get some answers!

Where To Stream Deca Dence Online?

Head over to Funimation to watch the latest episode for free after subscription. Or if you already have a subscription paid for on Hulu, it is available there as well.

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