Death Note: Times When Misa Amane Emerged Victories And When She Failed!

Death note is one of the interesting supernatural story of all times. Unlike other supernatural stories, Death note offers such powers to normal being. Only thing needed to achieve supernatural powers is one book. The story circles protagonist Light Yagami. What happens in the story is known to all the fans. One can read the manga or watch the anime and film based on the manga. I love The vampire dairies, so I also like this story. I am comparing the supernatural part of both of these. One must watch the anime if you want dark series.

Moreover, in this article, we will discuss about the victories and failure of Misa Amane. Stay tuned as the article will be fun. Let’s roll mates.

Death Note
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About Misa Amane’s Death Note Victories

Misa Amane has impressed the viewers of the anime. There are many scenes where she has left a mark. However, we will talk about some of them today. The victories of Misa Amane includes:

  • Misa’s plan always included getting with Kira. She exposed Light which brought her closure to this step. Since her presence was felt, Misa made Light to go on a hunt. And she joined with Kira.
  • Most prominent mission of Misa was to support Kira in any possible way. She got into an alliance for executing that mission. The interesting thing is when Misa presented herself as Kira on Sakura TV. I shocked real Kira. And, with this Misa’s plan to present her existence succeeded.
  • Lights father did little experiment on Misa and Light. A blank shoot was done at the car. Both Misa and Light were in the car. But by the voice of shoot, they did nothing to defend themselves. Because of this incident, they were declared innocent.
  • Misa lost her notebook and memories at the cost of Kira powers. While Near investigating Misa and Light as Kira suspect, Light told Misa to give up her two things. Without any doubt, Misa gave up and trusted Light.
  • Misa proved Higuchi a new Kira. While police detective was heading near the conclusion, Misa mislead them. Lastly, this was a very heroic moment in death note.
Death Note
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Let us now talk about Misa’a defeats

  • Misa felt getting displaced by one of the Light’s girlfriend named Kiyomi Takada. For the sake of being with Light. Also, to preserve her Kira powers, she lost her memories. But, after that, she felt miserable.
  • Light was captured by shinigami, Misa lost everything she ever wanted. She lost the love of her life. Light was killed by Ryuk, which marked the ultimate defeat for both of them in death note.

This way, there are many victories and defeats in this manga. Moreover, do not forget too read/watch the phenomenal story and artwork.

Thats all for today. Until next time.

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