Cynthia Returns In The Next Episode Of Pokemon Journeys

Pokemon Journeys has been airing for two years now. The franchise has utilized the concept of introducing each region again in the series efficiently. Moreover, this concept has also paved a way to re-introduce characters from previous seasons. Finally, the fan-favorite dragon master Cynthia will return in Pokemon Journeys episode 83. The last time Cynthia had an appearance in the series was back in Pokemon Black and White.

Cynthia The Dragon Master:

Despite the 22 years old history, only a few characters have left a mark on Pokemon fandom. Apart from the first season’s anime characters, it’s been hard for other characters to be noticed or remembered. Even trainers like Gary and Paul aren’t recognized easily. However, Cynthia has withstood her post of being the best dragon-type trainer in the franchise for over a decade.

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Cynthia is a dragon-type trainer in the anime. She is a member of Elite 4 in Pokemon games. Furthermore, her way of battling with sheer strength and superior technique has always been eye feasting. She was one of the first trainers who introduced Ash to Mega Evolutions. Cynthia’s Garchomp is at another level than other Pokemons or other Garchomps as well. The dragon master has always been looked upon by the fandom.

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Along with the love she gets from the fandom, Cynthia also gets intricate attention from the franchise. Though she didn’t make any appearance for nine years, the franchise always included her in TCG’s and video games. Apart from this, her popularity has always been the same through these years. The Blond Hair black robe trainer has always been composed and a mentor figure for many characters.

Nonetheless, her appearance in Episode 83 of Pokemon Journeys would be worth a watch. Let’s see what this episode will focus on.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 83

The great thing about the Pokemon series is that it provides an entirely new storyline for each episode while maintaining its continuity. Along with this, the anime also gives us a brief journey each new episode. This time, in episode 83, the dragon master Cynthia will be re-introduced to the storyline. Ash and Gon would be visiting Johto to gather some information about a new variation of Pokemon. There, they will meet Cynthia, and the three will work together to solve a new mystery. Since it’s been nine years since Ash met Cynthia, he will certainly challenge her to a battle. The battle between Garchomp and Pikachu will be worth a watch as well.

Cynthia’s team in Games (Reddit)

Pokemon Journeys Episode 83 Release Date And Time:

The latest episode of Pokemon Journeys will be aired on October 8th, 2021. Apart from this, the episode would also be globally available on Netflix.

Potential Time Of Episode 83 Release:

  • Australia Time – 08:25 PM ACST
  • British Time – 10: 55 PM BST
  • Central Time – 04: 55 AM CDT
  • Eastern Time –0 5: 55 AM EDT
  • European Time – 11:55 PM CEST
  • Indian Time – 03:25 PM IST
  • Japan Time – 06:55 PM JST
  • Korea Time – 06: 55 PM KST
  • Pacific Time – 02: 55 AM PDT
  • Philippine Time – 05:55 PM PHT