CUE! The Anime Giving A Glimpse Into The Life Of A Voice Actor Releasing Soon!

What makes an anime great? Is it the animation? Is it the plot? Is it the art style? Not really. No matter how amazing an anime might be, the only people who are able to bring a character to life are the talented and incredible voice artists. If you’ve seen Attack On Titan and have heard the voice actor of Levi Ackerman whose impeccable acting as the super cool general of Survey Corps gained him huge worldwide acclaim mostly because of how good he was then you will know what I mean! He was not only successful incorrectly portraying Levi’s character but the machoness in his voice was exactly the sort of sound we all needed to hear.

Therefore, the role of how good a voice actor is plays a tremendous role in the success of anime. Thus, to appreciate the efforts of these brilliant artists who work day in and day out to make our animes enjoyable by lending us their voices a brand new anime named CUE! is all set to get released soon and show us what a Japanese voice actor’s life really looks like.

A lot of our readers might be unaware, but CUE! is actually based on a video game. However, seeing how peculiar and interesting the story of the game was its creators decided to form their very own original anime series with the same name. The announcement of the anime was made in the month of November 2020 and has finally managed to get a slot and a proper release date.


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Although not a lot is still known about the upcoming anime, the creators have released a teaser trailer to highlight to their audience exactly what the show is about. The story of CUE! is based on the life of Haruna Mutsuishi, the protagonist, who has just been affiliated with a small voice acting agency. The agency has a total of 16 girls, managed by the same manager each with an aspiration to one day become superstars. The story will highlight exactly what it means to be a voice actor and the technicalities behind the intricate job. It will showcase that being a voice actor requires tremendous work and research and is in no way an easy job!

CUE! is all set to make it premiere on the silver screen in January of 2022. The show will most likely be available on streaming websites like Crunchyroll and Viz-Media.