COLOPL’S Alice Aegis Smartphone Game’s Original Video Anime Adaptation Launched!!

COLOPL’S Alice Aegis, smartphone game Original video anime (OVA) adaptation was launched on Wednesday. It is named Alice Gear Aegis: Doki! Actress Darake No Mermaid Grand Prix (Throb! The Mermaid Grand Prix Full of Actresses).

People who have purchased any one of the below-mentioned three-figure receive a QR code to grant access to view the anime:-

  • MegaHouse’s Sitara Kaneshiya Desktop Army figure
  • Kotobukiya’s Sugumi Kanagata Megami Device figure
  • Max Factory’s Yumi Yotsuya Figma figure

Three separate endings are there of the OVA, with every character having a different end for each of the three.

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Announcement Of The OVA Alice Gear Aegis :

On August 26 the official website of the OVA announced the debut of OVA on September 15. OVA is of 15-minute duration with 90-second fantastic footage.


About The Anime and Cast:

Hirokazu Hanai is the director of the OVA and Nomad is animating the series. At the same time, Rikiya Okano has designed the character and Masahiro Okubo is writing the script. Zuntata has composed the music, and Pyramid is credited with the original work.

Alice Gear Aegis OVA
Image: Alice Gear Aegis

The ending theme is performed by Numakura, Uchida and Ishikawa. While Taniguchi is performing the anime’s insert song.
OVA Alice Gear Aegis: Doki! Actress Darake No Mermaid Grand Prix Casts:-

  • Maaya Uchida as Sitara Kaneshiya
  • Eriko Matsui as Yumi Yotsuya
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Sugumi Kanagata
  • Manami Numakura as Yotsuyu Hirasaka
  • Yui Ishikawa as Fumika Momoshina
  • Yuna Taniguchi as Toka Shimoochiai

About COLOPL’S Alice Aegis:

Alice Aegis is a 3D mecha shooting game. Humikane Shimada supervised and designing the characters for the game. The game follows a plot where a girl named Actresses battles Vices, a mysterious machine life form.

In January 2018 this game was launched for both Android and iOS devices. A month after the game’s animated opening video debut in December 2017.