Claymore Season 2: Will The Popular Anime Return For Another Season?

The proponents of anime Claymore are cooling heels for season 2. It has been more than a decade since the first season aired on the internet. People are now losing their temper as it has been a lot of time and the hope for season 2 to them seems to be unlikely. With its first season, the anime managed to grab the attention of cyber surfers. If you are one of the claymore lovers, you have landed at the right place.

What Happened in the Previous Season of Claymore


As the title suggests, the anime has its focus on claymores. Claymores are half-humans and half Yoma. Yomas are the devils that feed upon the human flesh and have the power to transmute themselves into humans. Surprisingly the claymores didn’t choose themselves to be called claymores; instead, humans named them so, as Yomas petrified them. As a result, they started to fear claymores too. You can watch season 1 on Funimation and Netflix.


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Clare is a warrior of some secret organization that hunts Yoma. Claymores are the only ones that can stand against the Yomas as they were embedded with the flesh of Yoma, granting them the abilities of a superhuman.

The anime’s story begins with Clare entering the town and meeting Raki, a young boy with his parents killed by Yoma. Soon they both start getting along with each other. As the season comes to an end, Clare comes across other Claymores and unleashes some hidden secrets about her organization. The last episode ends on a fascinating note because the claymores decide to leave the organization they worked for and part their ways with them.

Will there be Claymore season 2?

Claymore and enemy

Anime fans are well aware that we aren’t always lucky enough to get a season 2 for every series, No game No life, and Classroom Elite are excellent examples. The series was aired on April 3, 2007, and ran up to September 2007. It’s always 13 years since the last episode was uploaded online and every year, the probability of getting a new season decreases down.

Despite such a great rating across websites, the makers didn’t reboot for season 2. There may be a reason for that too. Though, the adaptation of the anime series affected the manga sales positively. Notwithstanding the reasons to launch a season 2, the anime creator decided to leave its followers with all the loopholes of the previous season and longing for another season.