Classroom of the Elite: The Special Test Continues…

If you have watched Classroom of the Elite and enjoyed the first season, then you might see this post because season two is back! Since the finale of the first season, no one has thought about this four-year-long pause. But thankfully, it is back on weekly broadcasting. After the halt in 2017, we find Akane Tachibana back on the cruise. The second season has already made a worldwide debut.

The Second Special Test Begins

All the excitement starts when Akane Tachibana reports the first year’s first Special Test results to Manabu Horikita. But here is not the end; the special test continues to the next. Now it is time for the second special Test. The mission targets to meet each student at a meeting point at a certain time. The process starts with splitting the students into eight groups with 14 members from classes A, B, C, and D.  The time is allotted at 8 am for a continuous three-day long performance.VIP members are selected one among each group, and they will the ones who will do group discussions twice a day. Every VIP member will be sent to a guess school on the final day.

Classroom of the Elite: The Special Test Continues…

Four Cases of the Test Are Enough Tough to Maintain

VIP members and the guess school start to work together. There are four cases of the test. Those are,

Case 1: if everyone but the VIP sends the correct answer, each student will receive 500,000 private points and the VIP an extra 500,000.

Case 2: if at least one person — excluding the VIP — sends a wrong answer, the VIP receives 500,000 private points.

The remaining two cases apply if the VIP is exposed before the end of the test.

Case 3: if a student sends the correct answer, they will receive 500,000 private points while their class will earn 50 class points, and the testing period is over for the group. Additionally, if the VIP sends the correct answer, it will be deemed invalid, and the test will continue.

Case 4: if a student sends a wrong answer, their class will lose 50 class points. While the VIP will receive 500,000 private points, and their class will receive 50 class points. The testing period is also be concluded. Additionally, if the VIP sends a wrong answer, it will be deemed invalid, and the test will continue.

We think Kiyotaka or Suzune to be in the position of VIP. But neither of them is in the position. One day Class C’s Kakeru Ryuen inquires Suzane if she is a VIP. But she denies that. Ryuen continues the threat to her and Kiyoto. And thus, the first discussion starts with Kiyoto’s Mars group.

Classroom of the Elite: The Special Test Continues…

In the Search for VIP Members While Going Through The Test

Class-B’s Honami Ichinose goes for Case 1. On the other hand, Koji Machida and his Class-A classmates abstain from all discussions. Machida says those who will lead to a student identifying the VIP will be betraying everyone. And thus, Machida’s approach ruins a student’s chance to return. It also abstains all to note that Case 1 allows classes of an equal number of students to receive an extra 500,000 private points.

Shiho Manabe and the Class-C girls from the Mars group approach Kei and claim to bully Rika. But Machida comes to her aid. During the second discussion, the group ends with a deadlock. So, Honami suggests going for just chatting for the flow. But suddenly, at the end of the first day, Kei breaks down for unknown reasons.

Somehow, Kikyo Kushida, the VIP member, leaks out, and Hirata gets to know it. She tells it to Yukimura and Kiyotaka. The Jupiter group’s Rokusuke Koenji probably discovered the VIP’s true identity; as a result, the Jupiter group’s test ended. Koenji’s one reckless move disappoints all. So, Suzune and Kiyotaka resolve to unite Class-D to get the most class points. The episode caption thus reads: “There are two deadly sins that are the source of all sin: impatience and laziness. Impatience and laziness.”

Classroom of the Elite: The Special Test Continues…

Meanwhile, Ryuen once again shows up and declares his intent to win the test.  Kei begs Hirata for protection from Shiho. However, he agrees but states that he and Kei aren’t dating as she dumps him after his suggestion to apologize to Shiho and her crew. After the fourth discussion, the girls follow Kei, and the boys dangle closely behind.

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