Classroom For Heroes A Light Novel Series Getting Its Very Own Anime Adaptation!

Classroom For Heroes is a Japanese light novel series written by the very talented Shin Araki. The series has in total released 12 volumes, and its genre about shounen/harem/fantasy mix is something that has driven its readers absolutely crazy. Therefore, given its rising popularity with the masses, it was announced on September 24, 2021, the release date of the novel’s 12th volume, that the series was all set to get its very own anime adaptation, and the fans couldn’t be happier!

Although no further information about the series has been released as of yet, the fact that the show is getting the recognition it deserves in itself,  a great piece of news. If we go by the trend and assume that the anime has begun its production, we can expect season 1 of Classroom For Heroes to arrive in the fall of next year. 

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


Classroom For Heroes revolves around a world of magic and strange creatures that is being terrorized by the Demon King. However, just when we thought that everything was now lost, a great hero stepped up and managed to defeat him. The hero then proceeded to create the Rosewood Hero Academy for the new budding heroes to hone their talents and help protect the world and the King from yet another danger.

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The story of the series centers around  Arnest Flaming, a young aspiring hero who is one of the top students of the Rosewood Academy and was bestowed upon an honorable alias, “Empress of Flames.” Arnest was living her life plentiful. Being at the top of the food chain brings her a sense of pride and responsibility, a feeling that any hero loves. However, all of this changes when none other than the King himself asks her to show around the rosewood academy to a new transfer student, Blade, someone who is not only equal to her in power but also has a very carefree attitude, something that she absolutely despises.

Now both Blade and Arnest, along with the rest of the students of the Rosewood Academy, strive to become the top heroes. However, there is a danger lurking in the corner, a danger that no one predicted.

Where To Watch Classroom Of Heroes

Classroom For Heroes A Light Novel Series Getting Its Very Own Anime Adaptation!

Classroom Of Heroes is yet to be licensed by any publisher. However, given the genre, it’s pretty likely that it will be available on Crunchyroll in both English Sub/Dub. To know more about the latest news and updates on your favorite animes/mangas or TV series, make sure to keep on following our post!