Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2 : Release Date, Plot

Chivalry of a Failed Knight is one of the many popular fantasy-themed stories out there. Written by Riku Misora, its light novel has sold over 1.5 million copies. The series has its own cult following. With its unique story and interesting character building, Riku Misora successfully turns a relatively simple plot into a work of pure entertainment.

Release Date and Time of Season 2

Season 1 of “Chivalry of the Failed Knight” was aired from 3rd October 2015 to 19th December 2015, releasing 12 episodes in total. With a 7.4/10 rating from IMDb and 7.52/10 from, it is safe to say that Season 1 generally received positive reviews.

However, even after almost 6 years of its initial release, we are yet to hear any confirmation from its publishers about season 2. Unfortunately for the fans, it is safe to assume that the chances of Season 2 of Chivalry of a Failed Knight coming out in 2021 are pretty low.

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However, we shouldn’t let this bring our hopes down. In a lot of cases, we have observed presumably halted series restarting again. For example, after almost 8 years of its abrupt ending, Bleach finally gets its much-awaited sequel.

Luckily, the manga is still being published. With new chapters coming out every week, Fans can access the manga’s latest chapters on Crunchyroll.

PLOT of Chivalry Of a Failed Knight


The story is set in a world where people born with special abilities are known as Blazers.” Blazers have the ability to use the energy of their souls and materialize it into powerful weapons.

Blazers training together in Hakugen Academy
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Blazers are specially taught and trained to hone their magical abilities in the seven prestigious Mage Knight Academies, one of them being the great Hakugen Academy. Every academy has only one purpose of being the alma mater of the most powerful Mage Knight. However, not every blazer is born to be extraordinary.


This is the story of Ikki Kurogane, an F-ranked student. Ikki, although a blazer, is born with low magical powers making him the centre of constant humiliation. On the other hand, Stella Vermillion is an A-ranked student who is also a princess of the Vermillion Empire.

Ikki accidentally walks in on a partially dressed Stella
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Being a transfer student, she shares a room with Ikki on her first day. While Stella is changing her clothes, she is discovered semi-nude by Ikki. This fact infuriates Stella, and she ends up challenging him to a duel. A duel where if you lose, you become the slave of the winner forever.

Stella and Ikki in Hakugen Academy
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However, things didn’t go the way Stella had wanted them to go. Much to her surprise Ikki, an F-ranked student, ends up winning the contest making Stella his slave forever. Ikki, instead of taking advantage of his win, requests her to become his roommate. This is the story of Stella and Ikki training together to become the strongest Mage knights.

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