Build Divide: Code Black A Card Anime With A Thriller Twist Releasing Soon!

Are you one of those who are tired of seeing the same damn boring isekai and real-life scenarios and want to see a dystopian world ruled by a mystical tyrant who can only be beaten by a card game which is a hell of a lot deadlier than it sounds? Then Build Divide: Code Black, a brand new anime coming out in 2021, is the answer to all of your prayers. From the looks of its recently released trailer, we can pretty much guess that the show is going to have some mind-blowing fight scenes. Not to mention that the show has a pretty interesting plot, and as seen in its trailer, it is safe for us to assume that Build Divide: Code Black is going to have some pretty sick animation.

The story of the upcoming anime Build Divide: Code Black revolves in a dystopian world and takes place in the city of New Kyoto, being governed by “the King.” The city of New Kyoto, instead of judging your worth based on how much money, power, and influence you have, truly values your worth by the person’s ability in the Build Divide trading card game.


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However, a rumor is now spreading fast in the city, saying that if you defeat the king in Build Divide, whatever you wish for will come true. However, in order to get the chance to compete with the king himself, the participants must enter the battle called “Rebuild” and must complete the key; whoever wins the battle will get the chance to compete with the king and shall get whatever their hearts truly desire.  The show’s plot highlights the life of our protagonist Teruto Kurabe, who, with the help of the mysterious girl Sakura Banka, participates in Rebuild and vows to defeat the one and only king to get what he has always wished for. As the city of New Kyoto now turns upside down and literally becomes the battle arena for Rebuild, there is no turning back.

Who exactly is the king, and how can he grant whatever one wishes for? Who is this mysterious girl helping Teruto, and why? To find the answer to all of these questions, do not forget to keep an eye out for Build Divide: Code Black coming soon in October 2021! The show will most likely be available on various platforms like Crunchyroll and AnimixplayHD, and from the looks of it, it will be one hell of a ride. Also, do not forget to watch the teaser trailer for the anime, the link for which is attached below!