Boruto Episode 196: Release Date, Where to Watch, Spoilers and Preview

Boruto Episode 196 will air soon. Since its debut in 2017, the anime has always been eye-catching, and so is the case with episode 196. The next episode might give us a new training session and much more. Read ahead to find out more about Boruto Episode 196.

Where To Stream Boruto Online?

In Japan, the show is available on TV Tokyo and Netflix. The show is also available on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and AnimeLab for viewers all around the world. Directed by Masayuki Kōda and produced by Pierrot studio, Boruto is available on Amazon Prime as well.

Boruto Episode 195 Recap

Naruto with Boruto and Kawaki in the show “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ” (Image: TheRecentTimes)

In episode 195, we saw Naruto and Kawaki spending a day together and bonding. It all started after Naruto advised him to buy a new vase since Boruto is very stubborn. He also reassured him that Himawari had already forgotten him and took him out to buy a unique vase. They visit a taiyaki stall where they bump into Cho-Cho and Sarada. Naruto buys treats for the children, and Kawaki indeed seems to be enjoying his first-ever taiyaki. Kawaki learns that Naruto is immensely respected in the village, and they head towards Ino’s store. In the way, a child bumps into Kawaki, and his powers are activated, but Naruto controlled the situation. Naruto also comforted Kawaki when his memories disturb him. Later, they return home after buying the vase.

Boruto, on the other hand, is angered by Kawaki’s action. Also, he can’t comprehend why Naruto is helping him. When Kawaki gives the vase to Himawari, Boruto returns it to him and hands a glue tube to him, implying that he fixes the vast himself. The episode ends with Koji entering the village.

Boruto Episode 196 Release Date

Episode 196 of Boruto will debut on Sunday, 25 April. Precisely, only five days remain to the premier, and fans can’t wait to see our young hero in action. Episode 195 was fascinating, and fans expect the 196th episode to earn a similar reputation.

Boruto Episode 196 Spoilers and Preview

Titled ” A Binding Force,” the next episode might bring us a training session. Boruto wants to learn more about his karma powers to use them against Naruto in his training session. Now since Boruto can’t activate his powers on his own, Kawaki might help him with it.

Kara is searching for their precious vessel, and Koji has already entered the village acting as a spy for them.  Hence, we might see  Naruto sensing Koji through Ino’s sensors. You can watch the preview below to get a hint of the excitement:

Final Words

Episode 196 airs soon and tells us many things about Boruto, Karma seal, Koji, and others. We might also see Kawaki and Boruto facing some trouble from the Kara organization. Whatever happens, episode 196 will surely be fun.