Boruto Episode 164: Will Lady Sakuya Get Killed?

Team 7 is in the race to find Hashirama cells. They need to go in the death valley. During their path to reach the valley, all have to face numerous obstacles. However, till now, they have succeeded in defeating the villains. There is no guarantee of what might happen next. Will everybody survive and get to the Hashirama cells. Or some might get dead and the possibility of villain getting the Hashirama cells. Viewers will enjoy the upcoming episodes for sure. Let us find out the release date of Boruto Episode 164. Also, know what happened in the previous episode 163.

Release date of Boruto Episode 164

The previous episode of the anime released on August 30, 2020. New episodes of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations release every week on Sundays. Also, the airing time is 5:30 PM as per Japan Standard Time. Note that according to your region, the airing time varies.

The upcoming Boruto Episode 164 will release on September 6, 2020. Do not forget to stream the previous episodes if you have not yet.

Boruto Episode 164
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Recap of episode 163

The Land Of Silence is a place where Hashirama cells are there. Lord Raikage sent Omni to help team 7 to find the partitions. Omni is here to study the cells along with Marui and Kakui. As the situation might turn dangerous in future, they have to work fast. Team 7 members trusted Omni. Therefore, Boruto and Sarada started explaining the plan to Omni.

Other creatures out there were making hell for them. It got hard to reach Hashirama cells. However, all of them were determined to get the cells. No one ever stopped working on it. Omni asked about real perps. Everyone knew that they were shinobi.

Meanwhile, they used a weapon to kill Lady Sakuya. Konohamaru showed it to Omni. During the fight, Lady Sakuya had to be killed. However, when Omni asked what happened. Boruto replied that they could not do so. The sword used to kill her is covered with poison. Omni had seen such weapon before.

Shinobi were also looking for Hashirama cells. But, Omni knew that if they would find the cells and hand it to villains, then no one can stop evil things. It was a horrible situation. Team 7 knew that now they need to work faster. During their journey ahead, they faced another villain.

Omni decided to fight him, and other members must continue their journey. Shinobi were ahead of team 7. They listened to the voices of other members. Suddenly, they decided to cross the border and be in a safe place.

Yuga met team 7 in the middle. They altogether will face the enemies who will come in their way.


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