Boruto Episode 162: The One With Team 7’s Mission!

Since the beginning, Boruto has won many hearts. No doubt about the fame. The story is very inspiring, along with the characters. The next episode of Boruto is titled ‘Escaping The Tightening Net.’ The episode will be about team seven and Mugino escaping from the dark. What will happen to them? Will they succeed in escaping the evil? Or will evil destroy everything using its black powers? Let us find out more about Boruto Episode 162. Also, we will come across the recap of episode 161.

Release Date of Boruto Episode 162

The last episode of Boruto aired on August 16, 2020. The newest episodes of the anime come out every Sunday. The upcoming Boruto Episode 162 will be releasing on August 23, 2020. Note that the airing time differs according to your region.

Boruto Episode 162
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Where to watch?

There are many websites which provide with the episodes. However, official platforms are recommended for watching the episodes. The platforms to watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are as given below:

However, some platforms stream episodes only in specific regions. But, platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu do release episodes as per the schedule.

Recap of episode 161: The Castle Of Nightmares

In the preview of the upcoming Boruto Episode 162, Boruto, Konohamaru, Sarada, and Mugino fights against the evil. Team 7 is in the Land Of Silence. There they would come across many evil spirits. The murder of Sakaya and Buttler happened in the castle. Moreover, Boruto and his mates are their next target. The evil wants to murder Boruto and other members and punish them. 

Konohamaru transformed into Kirisaki. He then injected Mitsuki’s antibodies into the Buttler. Then they went to a castle. Mugino warns Sarada how dangerous are Hashirama cells!

Moreover, Konohamaru finds about the intentions of the Victor. A moment between Victor and Deepa is shown. Deepa is a new villain of the series. More about the villain will be revealed in upcoming episodes. 

So the episode focuses on the escape of Boruto and his teammates. They will continue their journey to find Hashirama cells. Team 7 to prove their innocence would have to find real culprits. What happens in their journey ahead. What would happen to Team 7? Will they escape? Or will they die? In conclusion, most prominently, will they find Hashirama cells? Check out the next episode for exciting adventure.

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