Boruto Anime: New Forbidden Jutsu Is Deadly

Boruto anime is responsible for giving Team 7 a huge obstacle. This obstacle is in the appearance of the Haze Ninjas,. Haze Ninjas are poisonous shinobi and they are responsible for stealing the Hashirama Cell. Apart from this, they also framed Naruto’s son as the killer of Queen Sakuya. But with time slowly these villains are all given themselves up. It is because all the four siblings had in their minds about getting money. It is for their weapons so they make a better living off their impoverished homes.

And as Boruto discovers it, that these ninjas are not some pushover after all. It is because they are highly driven by this desire to correct the wrongdoings of the ninja alliance. Team 7 had a great difficulty to defeat Yūga after he changed himself into a Pikachu-like golem. But now, while they are in a face-off against Hiruga. These heroes once again face a forbidden Jutsu and this nasty one.

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Hiruga guesses that failure stuck Yūga. And also, with Yoruga dying at Sakuya’s home, he is now left with just him and Asaka. He tells Asaka to get the DNA home and starts waiting for Team 7. When they arrive, they are trapped because Hiruga locked them up now. He becomes green just the way his brothers do when they’re putting out their main moves, unleashing his forgotten jutsu whose name is “Hellish Obliteration.”

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This Just creates a swamp filled with tar. This comes out under the feet of Konoha’s ninja and it binding them tightly together. As they go down and lower, for every move they shoot out is pushed away because of tentacles coming from the inescapable muck. This scene is pretty disgusting in Boruto anime but also it is very effective as it proves their chakra useless.

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Boruto is not able to believe he’s lived through so many battles at such a young age to die so easily. It is majorly because they were fully duped by Hiruga and hence left water clones for them to attack. They worked out like amateurs and hence they are now paying the stinky price. Hence, Hiruga will soon put out as he will be the gateman to take them to hell. This is a lie. It is because as the ninjas find out, he is worried that he will work faster than them and will be out first. He even believes that as he is closer to his demise, that the technique is meant to stall the process rather than combat.


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