Blue Reflection Ray Releases A Brand New Visual For Cour 2

Our feelings and emotions play a huge part in our lives. In fact, our emotions are what truly separates and lines the difference between a man and a beast. However, can our emotions, if personified, change the world as we know it? Blue Reflection Ray, a fantasy-themed anime, beautifully portrays this plot and successfully charms the audience with an amazing story. As fans of the show might already know, the first cour of the show will soon conclude at the end of July.

However, if we’re truly being honest here, the performance of the anime has so far been moderate. Therefore, with a new visual out for cour 2, it seems as the creators are vying to get the viewer’s attention and subtly hinting to us that cour 2 will be better!


In the brand new visual, we can see our protagonist Hiori Hirahara standing in the middle along with 9 different girls in a sky laden with white flowers. Each of these girls personifying the emotions and playing the part of fragments or reflectors. In the upcoming episodes, we will see how each of these characters play their parts and interact with each other and understand the meaning behind their powers.

In the previous episodes, we have seen how Hiori and her friend and roommate Rukia now strive to be one of the blue reflectors. However, will they finally be able to understand the true meaning behind the rings and what they can actually do?

To find the answers to all of these questions, make sure to check out Blue Reflection Ray’s new episode releasing on The 10th Of July.

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Crunchyroll

The story of blue reflection ray revolves around a world where emotions take the form of flowers called fragments. Humans with strong fragments or emotions get the ability to wear rings of power that allows them to connect their thoughts, memories and emotions with humans with weak fragments.

However, there are two types of reflectors. The individuals wearing the blue rings protect the humans with weaker fragments and succumbing to their depravity. However, the reflectors bearing red rings repel the negativity by stealing the fragments, causing people extreme woes.

The show’s story revolves around two girls Ruka and Hiori, who set on a pursuit to become stronger and protect the people around them. Meanwhile, dealing with their own feelings and thoughts that are holding them back.

Where To Watch Blue reflection Ray Online?

You can watch all the latest upcoming episodes of Blue reflection Ray Online In English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and Viz-Media.

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