Blue Reflection Ray Episode 5 :Release, Recap and Watch Online

Blue Reflection Ray is a story about emotions. Anger, sadness, happiness. these emotions are like invisible power a person owns. and this power holds the capacity to change the world.

Hiori Hirahara is always optimistic toward life and cannot see people in trouble on the other hand Ruki Hanari is an awkward personality socially. she wants to get mixed with people but she isn’t aware of how to do it.

How will the encounter of these two wildly different girls change not only them but the world around them?

Episode 4 Recap

Blue Reflection Ray
Blue Reflection Ray
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Miyako tells that she had come to a conclusion that she will not live with her mother. he wants to live alone all by herself and wants to make her own decisions. she also tells that Hiori and Ruka have influenced her to make her decision. she decides to take a step forward without taking her eyes away from what already is happening. the reflectors state that they know how she feels. Miyoko tells them that she can stay at dorm she has already told her parents about all

Three of them took a relieved breath as they thought she was running away from home but the truth is that her parents were aware of her decision. Miyoko tells that she’ll be leaving as soon as her application gets approved. but she was willing to stay with the girls for her waiting period. Everyone accepts it and helps her to pack her stuff and prepare her room.

Ruka and Hiori have something they want to ask Miyako. Miyako told them to feel free about it. Hiori asks her about the fight and the mystery beam that came out at the end of the last fight. Hiori and Ruka tell what resonating are, and the Reflector says that the Reflectors can unwind something even more powerful when their feelings match with each other.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 5 Release

Blue Reflection Ray
Blue Reflection Ray
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Episode 5 of Blue Reflection Ray will release on Saturday, May 8, 2021, at 1:55 AM JST. timing for different time zones is as follows.

  • Pacific Time: 9:55 AM PT
  • Indian Time: 10:25 PM CT
  • Eastern Time: 12:55 PM EST
  • British Time: 5:55 PM BST

Where To Watch Online

Blue Reflection Ray
Blue Reflection Ray
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Streaming giant Animelabs currently streaming the show. Fans can tune in to the website at the time provided above to avoid any spoilers on social media.