Bleach – The Thousand-Year Blood War : Release Date And Time, Countdown, Watch English Sub/Dub Online, The Story So Far

2021 is a great year for anime fans. Why? Because Bleach-The Thousand-Year Blood War is coming out this year! It has been a long wait for the anime fans. No one was expecting this, and we love it! Bleach is one of the three jewels of shounen anime and one of the most outstanding shows out there. With its intense fights and bone-chilling villains, it is clearly one of the best shows I have ever laid my eyes upon, and to finally see it getting the proper ending it deserves is a true delight.

Bleach – The Thousand-Year Blood War  Release Date And Time

characters of bleach the thousand-year blood war
Image: Studio Pierrot

With April almost over, no official release date of Bleach- the thousand-year Blood war has been announced yet. However, one thing is for certain that Bleach will definitely make a comeback in 2021, most likely in June 2021. 

Where Can You Watch Bleach In English Sub/Dub?

Fans looking to make a final rerun before the show premieres can watch Bleach in English Sub/Dub on Crunchyroll, Viz Media,, and animixplay.

Fans can also read the Bleach – The Thousand-year-old blood war arc before it gets animated on Crunchyroll (The arc starts from chapter 480).

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The Story So Far

The last episode of Bleach aired in 2011, and fans were left very disappointed with the abrupt ending. We saw that during the great battle of Arrancar vs. The Soul Society, Ichigo had to learn the final stage of Getsuga Tenshous from His father, Kurosaki Isshin, who is also, as it turns out, a Shinigami and not just any Shinigami. He was actually the Captain of the 10th Squad.

Ichigo in the final form of the Getsuga Tenshou
Image: Studio Pierrot

To be able to defeat Aizen, who has now merged himself with the Hougyaku and has become invincible, Ichigo uses the last stage of the Getsuga Tenshou and, in return, loses all of his Shinigami powers.

The story then shows a time skip of 1.5 years from the great battle with Aizen. Ichigo’s shinigami powers are now all but gone. He has lost all of his contact with the soul society. However, the powers of his sister Karin in return, are growing stronger. We see Ichigo come in contact with the Fullbringer Ginjo, who wants Ichigo to join his group -“Xcution” and, in return, offers to help him regain his Shinigami powers back.

Rukia stabbing Ichigo to recover his Shinigami powers
Image: Studio Pierrot

A desperate Ichigo, who wants to fight to protect the ones he loves, joins them. However, it turns out that Ginjo was lying to him all along. Ginjo and his group steal Ichigo’s fullbring power to strengthen their own and take revenge on Soul Society. However, before they could kill him, Rukia, Urahara, and Isshin stab Ichigo with a sword made out of the Reiatsu of the Gotei 13 captains, and Ichigo, just like in episode 1, becomes a shinigami killing Ginjo and Tsukishima.

The show abruptly ends here, giving no explanation about Ichigo’s father’s true identity and leaves many questions unanswered. However, hopefully, season 17 coming out in 2021 will answer all the unanswered questions!