Black Clover Movie is Announced as Series Draws to an End: See Release Date and Previews

With the Black Clover anime series coming to an end, premiering Episode 170, many fans expressed their sadness. However, news of a movie being released on the series soon followed. Read on to find out more details about the release of the film.

Black Clover Movie Release Date

The creators have only confirmed that, yes, there is a movie on its way. However, no confirmed news about the release date of the movie has been given. Many fans are expecting the movie to arrive around late 2021 or early 2022. The creators can only confirm this, and we have to get more information about the same.

As for now, you can watch the Black Clover Series on Netflix if you have not already watched it.

What is it about?

The story focuses on a boy named Asta who was raised in Hage village after he was abandoned there with a fellow orphan by the name of Yuno. Generally, everyone is born with the ability to use Mana in the form of magical power. However, Asta tries to gain such power through physical training. On the other hand, Yuno was naturally gifted with magical powers and even had the ability to control the wind.

The two developed a friendly rivalry as they both wished to become the next wizard king. Both of them join different Magic Knight squads as they chase after their dream. Throughout the series, we see Asta and Yuno take on various adventures as they take a step to fulfill their dreams.

Black Clover Characters
Black Clover Characters

Black Clover Movie: Plot and Actors

As of now, there is not much to be known about what the plot of the movie will entail. The cast or voice actors of the movie are yet to be released as well. Since the movie was announced only a couple of days ago, we hope to get more information soon.

However, the creators have dropped a preview of the movie to get fans excited. You can view the preview here:

Are you as excited as we are to go on more adventures with Asta and Yuno?