Black Clover Episode 170 Release Date – First Look Of Asta’s Mother

The Penultimate episode of Black Clover, episode 169, titled “The Devil-Binding Ritual,” left fans of the show in shock. The episode ended with major teasers and plot points, and we got to see the first look of Asta’s mother. Black Clover will officially be ending with the next episode.

The 169th episode has left us shocked and yearning for the next one. Fans of the manga, who were hyped to see Asta’s mother since the announcement of the Spade Kingdom arc’s adaptation in the anime, are delighted.

Black Clover Episode 169

The episode begins with a fight between Asta and his Devil. Asta must fight and defeat the devil in his grimoire, as a part of the Devil-Binding Ritual, to gain control over the power. Just as we had anticipated, the devil acts foul and rude, as if Bakugo from My Hero Academia had teleported over to Black Clover. He says that every devil is a piece of shit. However, Asta’s not letting this bother him, and he isn’t changing his feelings towards the devil.

Black Clover: Asta’s Devil (Image: CBR)

Asta even tells the devil that just because he’s a devil doesn’t mean he is inherently evil. This shocks the latter, who remembers someone else who had also said this to him. He sees the silhouette of a woman, with hairs and eyes of the same color as Asta. She even had the same personality as this boy. She, too, had once said to the devil that he wasn’t a bad guy.

In this episode, we also saw Nacht’s personality in more detail, in how he dealt with all the members of the Black Bulls. Fans have taken well to his banter. Another talking point has been that of Asta’s devil, who is shorter than Asta himself. It isn’t often that Asta can look down while talking to others!

Who Is Asta’s Mother? Finale Spoilers

The last episode of Black Clover, to many fans’ disappointment, is titled “Haruka Mirai”. We will be able to see more on the connection between Asta’s mother and the devil. Spoilers on the episode aren’t available yet, and they are usually out 2-3 days before the episode airs.

Black Clover Episode 170 Release Date

The final episode of Black Clover will be released on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, at 6:25 JST. You can watch the episode online on AnimeLab, Netflix, and Crunchyroll.

Black Clover Final Episode: Asta’s Mother Preview