Black Clover Episode 169: Nacht’s Training and Asta’s Devil! Release Date & Spoilers.

Previously, we saw that Zeon crushed the Black Bulls. The loss of Captain Yami left them completely defeated. Black Clover Episode 169, “The Devil-Binding Ritual.” will be the penultimate episode of the series.

Black Clover: Poster of the anime series. (Image: tvtime)

Fans find it unbelievable that there won’t be any new episodes after only two weeks. The anime has almost caught up to the manga. The next episode is adapted from a chapter published just weeks ago.

The coming episodes will be fuelled and intense. Asta learns to control his Devil, Liebe. And Noelle and the others meet someone completely unexpected.

Black Clover Episode 168

Previously, we saw Asta and the Black Bulls fighting against Dante and Zenon. Asta fought Dante and won; however, the battle left him exhausted. Zenon returned, but the Black Bull Squad were unable to overpower him. Asta failed to fight Zenon due to his fatigue. He was forced to watch as Zenon took away Yami and William, the captains.

Meanwhile, Noelle watched as Vanica and Megicula took Lolopechka and Mimosa. Everyone was shocked at the actions of the Dark Disciples in the Golden Dawns headquarter.

Owen took care of Asta while unconscious and reported the headquarters’ events to the Black Bulls. Asta then met Nacht Fraust, who revealed that he is the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls. When Asta tried to beat him, Nacht pinned him down, telling him to be patient, as he wouldn’t be able to fight the Dark Triads as he was. Asta was shocked to learn about Nacht’s devil power. Nacht decided that he would teach Asta to become strong enough to defeat the Dark Triads.

Spoilers and Preview!

Asta will undergo intense training with Nacht, whose methods will prove to be dangerous, involving the use of forbidden magic. Noelle and the others will find themselves in peril, caught in Vanica’s explosion. They will eventually wake up to find themselves in an entirely different location, meeting many unanticipated people.

Black Clover Episode 169 Release Date

The penultimate episode of Black Clover will be released on Tuesday, 23 March, 2021, at 6:25 JST, reports Epic Stream. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll and Funimation from Wednesday, 24 March, at 4:25 AM ET.