Black Clover Episode 168: Release Dates: Is the anime coming to an end?

As the excitement of the anime builds, fans wait on the edge of their seats for the release of new episodes. Well, the date and time of Black Clover Episode 168 has finally been revealed!

Black Clover Season 4
Black Clover Season 4

Release Date of Black Clover Episode 168

Black Clover Episode 168, named “Stirrings of the Strongest,” has been set to release on the 16th of March, 2021. The episodes air every Tuesday at 6:25 pm JST and will be available on various platforms accordingly.

Black Clover fans access the most recent episodes on Crunchyroll on the day of its release. However, you will have to be a premium member. To view the episodes for free, fans will have to wait for a week after its original release. The episodes may be updated on Netflix as well. However, there is no set date of release on the platform.

What can we expect in Black Clover Episode 168?

According to the ongoing episodes, many fans speculate that Episode 168 will take on Chapter 260 of the manga. Here is a small synopsis of the chapter – please be aware that this may contain spoilers.

Dante Zogratis has been defeated, and Asta has started to collapse due to the overuse of his power. Yami catches him and compliments him on doing well. Gauche Adli wakes up, and Grey is relieved that he is okay. This was an exciting moment, and Vanessa wonders if something is happening between them.

This is only a brief introduction to a few scenes in the chapter.

Is Black Clover coming to an end?

Black Clover is set to come to an end in March 2021 after the release of Episode 170. The release dates for the last two episodes are yet to be confirmed, but Crunchyroll tweeted saying it will be around the 30th of March.

There have been no statements on whether the series will return, but given its popularity, many hope that it does.