Black Clover Episode 141: One After Bandits Attacked!

Many different reviews have come from the viewers of the anime series. However, I can guarantee that Black Clover Episode 141 will be one of the best anime you would come across. The bandits attacked the village and villagers. How will villagers get the help they need? Will magic get used for the ones who need it! Let us know more about the anime. Also, find out the releasing date of the Black Clover Episode 141. In the upcoming article, you will come across the platforms to stream the episodes.

Release date of Black Clover Episode 141

The previous episode of the anime aired on August 25, 2020. The newest episodes of the anime series airs on Tuesday every week. Moreover, The airing time of the attack is 6:25 PM (Japan Standard Time). However, keep in mind that according to the region, one may need to have a look at the timing accordingly.

The upcoming Black Clover Episode 141 will release on September 1, 2020.

Black Clover Episode 141
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Recap of the previous episode 140

Previously in episode 140, we saw, Asta, increased his muscle power. He cut the sea dragon roar into half. When Asta met Lolo, Lolo told him to grow stronger within six months. To fight the villain they strength was of utmost importance. Asta was venting about not being strong enough.

In a meanwhile, Sally appeared. She attacked Asta and Asta broke that attack into pieces. Sally came along King’s attendant and Makusa North. Everybody went inside the house. Then after the discussion of the upcoming battle began. Sally was making a weapon useful for future action. The experiment of the weapon would be done on Asta and other members. The data collected from the investigation will define its efficiency.

Sally experimented with all the BB members. Makusa is responsible for taking the results to the capital. All the readings will be scrutinized. Lastly, a weapon will be created. Meanwhile, bandits were causing trouble all over. So, the other day Marx, Fugeleona, and Nozel tried to oppose them. They finally stopped them.

They assured the villagers that they would take care of all. They will help them.

Where to watch?

The latest episodes of Black Clover are available on the following platforms:

Many unofficial sources also have the episodes. However, we recommend you to support the official sites.

Moreover, to read the manga chapter 141, you may visit VIZ.

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