Black Clover: All You Need To Know About The New Arc

There’s no doubt why Black Clover is one of the best manga of times. The anime adaption of the same name has gained millions of fans around the world. Right now, the story based on Arc 10 is there in the anime. The producer and writer promised to bring an original training arc, and the news got confirmed. The anime original training arc begins next week.

The announcement of the upcoming arc was made on the official account of the anime. Many exciting twists and turns have come till now. The new arc will begin from the upcoming week—fans re very eager for the spoilers. Let us hope that the arc would bring worth watching scenes.

When will Black Clover anime arc will release?

According to the official announcement, we now know that the upcoming arc will release next week. Moreover, this anime arc does not have a connection with the manga counterpart. The fans are eager to know what would be the storyline of the same.

The story of the arc given is by Yuki Tabata. Moreover, the fans of the anime want this arc to consider as canon.

Black Clover
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Worth the wait!

Since March, fans are waiting for this upcoming arc. Hence, the excitement is valid. Moreover, Shueisha magazine posted about Tabata taking part in the anime arc. Fans were reassured that the arc might not disappoint them. The last arc of the manga is yet not released.

Moreover, the fans are eager to watch the upcoming arc as it might give some spoilers about the Heart Kingdom saga. What might the forthcoming arc reveal? The curiosity never fades out when it comes to Black Clover.

More about Black Clover new arc

The manga has provided numerous arcs till now. Also, the original arcs have been avoided. But, this time, it would have a different impression. Whenever filler arcs are released, they get sidelined. Those arcs do not have much of a reputation. However, other anime like Naruto and Bleach have released a lot of filler arcs. The filler arcs are more in number than the original adaption. For this upcoming training arc, fans expect that this can become a canon arc. Not much is known about the arc releasing next week. However, there is no doubt that it would be fascinating.

What are your predictions about the upcoming arc? Comment your views and wait for it.

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