Balance Unlimited Episode 11: Will Daisuke Reach To A Conclusion?

A phenomenal anime series started airing since July 16, 2020. The original schedule was to premiere the series in April 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the anime premiere delayed. People around the world love watching a thriller anime. This anime brings you the suspense, drama, and thrill. Yasutaka Tsutsui did a fantastic work in his light novel. Moreover, the direction of the anime series is done by Tomohiko Ito. The anime consist of a total of 11 episodes. So, as we are near the end of the season, some twists and turns are needed. Don’t worry, and you will have a thrilling ending. If you have not seen any of the episodes, then you must. You will like it. So, let us know the release date of the Balance Unlimited Episode 11. Know what happened in the previous episode.

Release date of Balance Unlimited Episode 11

The previous episode of the anime series aired on September 18, 2020. On Friday every week the newest episodes of the anime releases. Do not forget to stream the previous episodes before the season ends.

The airing time of the episodes is 12:55 PM as per the Japan Standard Time. Note that the airing time differs according to the region.

The upcoming Balance Unlimited Episode 11 will release on September 25, 2020. Hurry finish your previous episodes. The episodes of Millionaire detective can be streamed on Funimation.

Balance Unlimited Episode 11
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Recap of episode 10

Haru did a great job helping Daisuke. But, Daisuke was mad at him. Haru replied that he is just a civil servant. The villain would have killed Haru. But, it did not happen.

Suddenly after attacking Haru, villain went to meet his boss. There he asked about why he ordered him not to kill Daisuke. However, the boss replied the villain that, it is his job to teach a lesson to his son. Wait, what did he say!? He mentioned Daisuke as his son! 

Father of Daisuke is Shigemaru. But, the name of the boss has not revealed yet. After the incident, Daisuke and Haru went on a boat. There Daisuke told Haru to grab villain’s attention. Moreover, he went inside the Engine room.

Meanwhile, the villain enters the room and starts fighting with Daisuke. Suddenly Haru reaches there and shot the red cable. The ship starts sinking in the water!

Hastily, Daisuke reaches Shigemaru and arrests him for the murder of Nakamoto and Takei.

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