‘Baki Hanma: Son Of Ogre’ To Serve More Episodes Of Fun!

Over time, this crazy beastly fighter of a boy has become everyone’s favorite fighting machine. Are you wondering who we are talking about? It is none other than ‘Baki.’ Yes, the same boy who still has the thirst of winning and proving himself as the strongest fighter alive on Earth. Many were questioning if Netflix would put out more episodes of this infamous anime, and they answered by doing so! So let us take a deeper look at what Baki Hanma: Son Of Ogre has in store for us!

Details About ‘Baki Hanma’ The Fighter

The story’s protagonist is none other than ‘Baki,’ an average 17-year-old with not-so-ordinary dreams and goals. The story follows his journey on being the most potent fighter this world will ever have. As you already know, his hobby is fighting and improving his skills by practicing and participating in tournaments. He secretly takes part in the martial arts tournaments that are hosted. These tournaments gather some great powerful fighters who are put against each other in gruesome fights. By taking part in these and fighting to better his skills, Baki one day wishes to be better than his father, Yujiro. Yujiro is the strongest man on Earth who is feared by everyone because of his unjust and cruel ways of living by hurting people. Baki dreams of beating Yujiro and taking over the title of the strongest man alive.

Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma
Image: Netflix

More On The Release Of New Season And Episodes

With such a solid and appealing storyline, the makers could not help but adapt the manga into an anime. You can watch the anime on Netflix. Even though the manga is ongoing and still has to finish, it hit the anime world and succeeded. It quickly became a well-known name with its fighting and bone-crunching scenes by drawing in the viewers. The fans had started speculating that ‘Baki Hanma: Son Of Ogre’ will act as the concluding piece of this anime. But, they can rest assured for now because unless and until we see Baki fight his father (Yujiro), this legendary tale of his life is far from being finished.

The latest season of this anime can be termed as the starting cour, which most definitely will be followed by two more of them. One must remember the goal of our headstrong fighter Baki and cheer him on. His thirst to defeat Yujiro and win against him can be seen being quenched pretty fast with how the anime is progressing. The third season’s ending gave us a climactic finish with a battle between Baki and Mr. Unchained. This scene foreshadows the oncoming fights that Baki will participate in and win.

Upcoming cour is definite enough to include the famous humanoid called Pickle, briefly seen in the previous seasons. Fans should gear up for more of Pickle’s presence with his fighting aura. Last but not least, it is said that we would finally see the showdown between a stubborn and strong son facing an equally determined father.

Do make sure to go and watch this anime and cheer Baki on! While you are at it, you can even check out other animes with strong and driven characters focused on winning and living their best life.