B: The Beginning Season 2: Updates

B: The Beginning is an original anime unlike many other series nowadays. Most of the series is based on a manga, comic, or novel. Katsuya Ishida is the writer of the anime. Furthermore, Kazuto Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamakawa are the directors, and Production IG is the production house.

The plot is in Cremona, which is an advanced nation. “Killer B” is the protagonist of the show. He is creating havoc in the city. Furthermore, the other characters of the show are Koku who is also the protagonist, Keith who is an investigator of RIS (Royal Investigation Service) which is an ominous organization.

The story is based on two characters. One character is Keith who is a genius investigator who is in search of Killer B. He looks at his deeds and is working on his case. The other protagonist is the young man Koku who is looking for his lost partner. Also, He is an extraterrestrial.

IMAGE: Netflix

By mere coincidence, both the characters run into each other. Adding to that, they together reach a secret organization. The main mission of the organization is to resurrect god and is also based on a prophecy about the welcoming of the leader known as the “Black King”.

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Release Date of B: The Beginning

The season two of the show is indeed confirmed, but for writing, the official release date for B: The Beginning Season 2 has not come out from Netflix. But as soon as something is dropped, we will let you know and this page will be updated about it. But still, in the meanwhile, we can make a guess about the possibilities as to when the next season may drop out.

As the announcement of the second season has come out in June 2018 itself, it is surely expected to come out any time now.

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