Attack On Titan: Things About Erwin Smith We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Erwin Smith has always been the most diligent character in Attack On Titan. His leadership qualities are undefinable, he is one of the bravest, courageous, and strongest character on the show. However, he is also one of the most complex characters having layers of things that are easy to miss.

As Erwin may have bid his farewell but his actions and decision has had a major impact on the plot of the anime. He is known as one of the most impactful leaders of the series. Here is everything you might not know about Erwin.

Erwin Smith’s character is inspired by Ozymandias

Erwin Smith

Watchmen has a long list of fans but you might not know that Erwin’s character somewhat based on the famous character of Watchmen, Ozymandias. Seems like Hajime Isayama is a pretty big fan of Watchmen.

Like Ozymandias, Erwin Smith was also crafted in a way to make his decisions on his set of norma and beliefs.

Erwin Smith character and Sebastian were voiced by the same person

Attack On Titan
;Image Source: Crunchyroll

Erwin and Sebastian from Black Butler may look similar, reason being both of the character are voiced by the same person named J. Michael Tatum.

Well, we would voice is which binds both the character as both of them have an entirely different personality. One is very ruthless and inhuman while the other is quite kind and gracious.

Erwin’s childhood name was “Eyebrow”

Erwin Smith
;Image Source; Crunchyroll

Speaking of eyebrows, Erwin has the best pair in the Attack On Titan, his perfectly shaped eyebrows makes his character even more attractive. However, not many of you know that his childhood name was “Eyebrows”. When asked from Isayama, he told that he knew Erwin’s character has the most significant pair of eyebrows.

Erwin Smith has his own anthem

Erwin Smith

Other than amazing plot and unbelievable characters, Attack On Titan is also known for its variety of songs. One of which is dedicated to Erwin Smith including the other eight character. His song is named “Hope of Mankind,” which is sung by Daisuke Ono who is voicing his character in the anime.

Erwin Smith was the first commander to take over while his predecessor was alive

Attack On Titan; image Source: Crunchyroll

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Almost every commander of the survey Coprs are given the empire only after their predecessor was executed or dead. However, in this case Erwin was the first commander to rule while his predecessor was still alive as Shadis retired from his responsibilities after realizing his mistakes and and weak decision making skills.

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