Attack On Titan: Final Season Poster Art Revealed; Get Ready For The Battle

The excitement went through the roof when the highly acclaimed anime revealed “Attack On Titan: Final Season” poster art recently. A lot of speculations about the poster entailed fans going crazy over various online platforms. Will we see any delays in production because of the ongoing pandemic? It does seem likely, but they have made the official announcement now. The final season of this dark—full of action, staggering twists, and mysteries—anime will release unequivocally on 7th December 2020.

“Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!”  Do you remember the third opening of  Season 2, Attack On Titan? Shake your fist if you’ve ever screamed these lines at the top of your lungs every time the song came up. The band ‘Linked Horizon’  literally justified their Attack On Instruments when they performed it live. With the upcoming final season of Attack On Titan releasing, the atmosphere around the AOT fans is a bit nostalgic. What are fans doing to bid their time as their favorite TV anime is ending? We will get to that part at the end of this article.

Attack On Titan Anime Series Characters. Image Source: Pinterest.


Sneak A Peak Of The New Poster Of Attack On Titan: Final Season—


Attack On Titan: Final Season Poster Art. Image Source: Twitter.

Crunchyroll and Funimation announced the ‘breaking news’ regarding the final season release date with the new visual art via twitter on 24th September 2020. The fans seem satisfied as they were apprehensive about the Anime Production Studio changing for the last season—from WIT studio to Mappa. A fan said regarding the poster, “If this is the actual character design, I guess I’m satisfied.” About Mappa Studio’s chance at limelight—well deserved, it is as proven by other works released by the studio and the trailer.

What Are Fans Saying About The Poster Online?: Via Twitter.

Caption: Levi Ackerman—as expected—still seems like the most favorite commander for the fans. Will we get to see more of him in the last season? Click To Read More Here.


This One Actually Hit Hard—

Caption: The above tweets truly justifies the astounding hype surrounding the last season. Even more hyped than all the times before.


Linked Horizon Live Tour 2017 Shingeki no Kiseki Unseen Gem

The largest tour ever with the Linked Horizon 2nd Album “Shingeki no Kiseki” released on May 17th began on Saturday, July 8th at the Ichihara Civic Hall Large Hall. The entire story through the video of the TV anime “Attack on Titan” playing on the screen was a bonus. Fans are going back to visit their favorite part of the TV anime—the mind-boggling, goosebumps entailing opening songs!

Bet You Never Got Your Hands On This Footage:

If the voice actors are this good, imagine the entire series with this amazing cast. But will this be enough to console the fans when the series end?

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