Artiswitch A Youtube Anime Highlights Its Return For A Season 2

Artiswitch is a Japanese anime television series, which unlike the usual anime series streams on youtube! The show’s plot and story are one of the most unique and it’s run on youtube and the overall views substantiate this fact even more. With each and every episode garnering more than 80k+ views I think it is safe for us to assume that given how less, the creators of the show spent on its advertisements, its 80k+ viewers are a feat on its own!

The anime series was well received by the audience, and its season 1 released 6 episodes in total with each episode around 8 minutes long. However, there’s a lot of buzz going around on season 2 of Artiswitch and we are absolutely glad to tell our readers, that wishes do come true! Although the show doesn’t have a centralized plot and is episodic, with each new episode highlighting a different storyline, it is the brilliance of the writers that makes the show worth watching.

The story of Artiswitch revolves around the city of Tokyo, where there’s a rumor circling around, a rumor that states that there’s a shop run by none other than a witch, who can reveal the deepest desires of your hearts and has the power to make them come true! The witch with her pet chameleon and her pig talks to her various clients who arrive at her shop, and with her powers reveals what truly lies deep within their hearts. An experience that can be quite traumatic, or liberating for her customers.

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Although the creators of the series haven’t yet released the release date of the series, they have, however, released some promotional videos hinting at its return. We can expect Artiswitch’s season 2 to also contain a total of 6 episodes, with all the voice actors reprising their roles.

However, if we were to guess the release date of its return then our bet would be in the spring of 2022! Therefore, if you want an eerie fashionable witch revealing your darkest secrets and making the wishes come true and being the personification of the phrase “be careful what you wish for”, then we are happy to tell you that your wait and ofcourse our wait as well is going to be over soon! Make sure to check out the latest Music video released by the creators (link attached below).

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