AOT Season 4 Part 2 On Your Screens Soon?? Check When!!

I am super excited to be here again, discussing one of the greatest anime of history, the heart-throbbing, THE MASTERPIECE, the one you and I have been waiting for, for long IS ALL SET TO AIR, sooner than we can imagine!!! I couldn’t keep my calm, and I am sure you cannot, too! AOT SEASON 4 PART 2 RELEASE DATES-check below.

The last episode of this season’s part one, EPISODE 16 – “ABOVE AND BELOW,” aired on the 29th of March 2021, and ever since then, it has instilled in us the wait for the FINALE, Part 2 of season 4, which resumes with EPISODE 17 – “JUDGEMENT.


It is no secret that “ATTACK ON TITANS” has been a predominantly loved series by all the anime fans from around the world right after its premiere in 2013. What started as a death-dealing but a rather plain-sailing narrative of Man vs. Titans has now turned into something unimaginably dreadful for the characters we have known and loved. Adapted from the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama, ATTACK ON TITAN, over the years, has kept us hooked to the anticipation of a conclusion amidst the misery of the gem coming down to an end.

Among the many anime that come along and leave an indisputable mark on the industries, ‘Attack on Titans’ stands out due to the dramatic increase in the quality and depth of the story and its thematic view with every season that comes forth. The AOT FINALE SERIES is raising all the bars, more than ever before, by splendidly playing with the audience’s perception as to whom they should base their hopes on in this gradually dreading and deadly conflict.

Talking a little about what AOT SEASON 4 plot takes us to would only be to comment on how graciously it details the adversities a war can result in—twisting the minds and polluting the nations. Time and again, we also rest our thoughts upon Eren’s disputable transition into what we may call as, the resting villain under cover of a hero.


AOT S4 PART 1 has laid an exciting understructure for the final battle between the nations of Marley and Eldia, to be showcased in S4 Part 2, which is to air across the world on THE 9TH OF JANUARY!! 


EREN’s waiting for you; I am sure you’re waiting for him too!!!

With some hours, still in our hands, of the ultimate wait, I am sure your brains are also juggling with questions similar to mine; 1. What is Eren’s master plan? 2. Will there be more new titans? 3. Will Gabi or Falco inherit titan powers? 4. Is Levi still alive? And the VERY ULTIMATE OF ALL- WHO WILL WIN THE WAR OF PARADIS??

Let’s hold on for just a bit longer as the end of ‘Attack on Titans’ is just around the corner.

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And until then, make some comments to let us know what questions cover your minds in anticipation!

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