Ao Ashi Season 1 Episode 11

Ao Ashi Season 1 Episode 11 is going to release soon! Ao Ashi belongs to the genre of sports and slice of life. Y*go Kobayashi has written the manga series and illustrated it.  In Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine, Ao Ashi got published in Weekly Big Comic Spirits since January 2015.

Release Date: Ao Ashi Season 1 Episode 11

Ao Ashi represents the best football player and his protagonist story. The anime is going to release on June 18, 2022. The title of the episode is “Tokyo Metropolis League”. The spirit of the sportsmanship and the value of one’s story amid the various talent is the lesson go can have through it. Ao Ashi is a high-spirited anime story with crumbling emotions that a sportsman goes through.


Ao Ashi Season 1 Episode 11

The Plot: Ao Ashi Season 1

Basically, the anime is about the relationship between a coach and his student. The main character of the anime is a football player. The journey of Ashito from the beginner to amateur with the coach is the storyline. Akira Satou has directed the anime alongside Masahiro Yokotani as the scriptwriter. Ashito wants to be a renowned football player in a big club in Japan.

The story goes well but takes a turn since the team loses a selection match due to Ashito’s mistake. Though winning and losing is a part of the game, it kills the spirit for some time. The terrible experience crumbles him inside and he got eliminated from the team. But something good also happens when a VIP notices him.

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