Top 10 Anime Traps That Will Shock You

Anime traps have been memed to death on Reddit, Instagram, and anywhere that the anime culture has spread its wings. Anime is a brilliant treasure trove of variety. It is a medium of story-telling far different from the rest. One thing that makes it so different is how it deals with social tropes. “Trap” is a term for those people that don’t fit into gender stereotypes.

It is considered a rude term by many, but here, we simply use its anime/meme meaning. As you can guess from the word, these characters have found notoriety in being cute females who are actually guys to cute males who are actually girls, to many viewers’ shock and sorrow. So prepare to be confounded, because we’re now looking at the Top 10 Anime Traps.

10. Aoi Hyōdō – Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Aoi Hyoudo as a girl (Image: Zerochan)

If you haven’t watched Kaichou Wa Maid-sama! You’re missing out on a lot of silly romance. The anime is a great stress-buster and is always satisfying to watch after a tiring day. You will find yourself in love with many of the characters, as you learn more about and grow with them.

Aoi Hyoudo as a boy (Image: Pinterest)

Aoi works in the same cafe as Misaki and is the owner, Satsuki’s nephew. He is a professional crossdresser and net idol. He likes to be the center of attention and is considered very cute, both as a woman and a man. His large eyes and long eyelashes make it easy to mistake him for a girl, which he enjoys. He isn’t mature and is terrible with feelings. He relishes playing with mens’ feelings and likes to be the center of attention as a trap.

9. Kenjiro Hato – Genshiken Nidaime

Kenjiro Hato as a girl (Image: AstroNerdBoy’s Anime & Manga Blog)

Genshiken follows the story of a college club for manga and anime enthusiasts following the otaku lifestyle. It is a good slice of life and comedy anime. Genshiken Nidaime is the sequel to this successful anime.

The newest member of the club, Hato, is a fudanshi, a guy who likes yaoi. He assumes that this will cause problems for him and decides to join Genshiken dressed as a girl.

Hato as a boy (Image: Fandom)

He has excellent ability in behaving and personating a female. His androgynous attributes also help to elevate this ability. Hato can quickly switch his voice from a guy’s to that of a girl’s, making him one of the most convincing traps in anime.

8. Honjō Kamatari – Rurouni Kenshin 

Honjō Kamatari (Image: YouTube)

Rurouni Kenshin is a classic action-adventure with good bits of comedy. If you love to immerse yourself in the history and cultures of the past, this is an anime you need to check out.

In the anime, Honjō receives orders from Shishio Makoto and likes to have his attention. Yumi rivals his love. Unfortunately, he knows that Shishio would never choose him over Yumi. His womanly charm and personality are great to view. Kamatari is flirtatious with others, but during battles, he is always serious. His story is that of a sorrowful trap.

7. Chihiro Fujisaki – Danganronpa

Chihiro Fujisaki (Image: Wallpaper Cave)

One of the tragic stories on this list, Chihiro was bullied and teased for being weak and frail. He went on to change his clothing and gain a feminine appearance. This was to stop the harsh comments and bullies.

He is sharp and very intellectual. He is known for his programming skills and to develop many top-secret AI programs.

6. Saika Totsuka – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Saika-Totsuka trap
Saika Totsuka (Image: Pinterest)

Oregairu, My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected, is an excellent slice-of-life and comedy anime set in a school setting. The romantic comedy is well placed, and it is considered one of the best modern rom-com animes.

Saika-Totsuka trap
Saika Totsuka (Image: Pinterest)

One character in the series is Saika, the tennis team captain and student of class 2F in Sobu High School. His feminine appearance is due to his short grey hair, a cute face, big eyes with curly eyelashes. These are further enhanced with his womanly behavior. While he is actually a male character, you would think otherwise by looking at him, just like the protagonist, Hachiman, who constantly mistakes him for a girl.

5. Seishirō Tsugumi – Nisekoi

Seishirō Tsugumi (Image: Pinterest)

Nisekoi is a hit or miss; you either watch and fall in love with the anime or simply can’t stand it. The characters are fun to watch, and their interactions always get us cracking, though!

Seishiro-Tsugumi trap
Seishirō Tsugumi (Image: WallpaperSafari)

Tsugumi enrolls in Chitoge’s class to protect her from Ichijo. However, her masculine figure and uniform led to everyone mistaking her for a guy. She does not like to wear feminine clothes, as they get in the way while fighting. Multiple people mistake her throughout the series to be a boy.

4. Gasper Vladi – High School DxD

Gasper Vladi (Image: Pinterest)

High School DxD is the staple ecchi anime for every male fantasy. This is one anime that will take you on for a ride in action and romance, but with plenty of lewdness and drama to keep you entertained.

Gasper is a member of Issei Hyoudou’s harem; however, he isn’t a girl. He seems to be a teenager in his 15’s and enjoys cross-dressing. He has a skinny body and feminine figure and is short. Gasper is a Dhampir, half-human, and half-vampire. It is interesting to watch as he slowly becomes a main character in the show.

3. Kazuto Kirigaya – Sword Art Online

Kazuto Kirigaya (Image: Fandom)

This anime is yet another hit-or-miss. Viewers either fall in love with and stan the show or end up hating its existence. It is considered to be the anime that gave widespread fame to the Isekai genre.

Kazuto chooses a highly sought-after avatar in the Gun Gale Online world. It has long hair and a female appearance. In the avatar, he has a small cute, and feminine face. In the second season, he decided to fool Sinon, making him think that he was a girl.

2. Haku – Naruto

Haku (Image: Reddit)

This one got all Naruto fans bad. Even Naruto was fooled by Haku’s appearance, complimenting him to be prettier than Sakura. Any list on anime traps would be incomplete without him. Haku was a ninja from Kirigakure, with a dark and sorrowful past. Taken by the assassin Zabuza, who he was a sub-ordinate to.

Haku was one of those characters that didn’t stay for much long on the show but left a deep mark in viewers’ minds and hearts. He has long hair and pretty brown eyes, coupled with his fair skin and womanly figure, enough to fool anyone.

1. Ruka Urushibara – Steins;Gate

Ruka Urushibara (Image: MyAnimeList)

One of the most highly-rated anime on MyAnimeList, this time travel story is sure to suck you in. We follow Okabe Rintarou and his friends as they uncover the secrets and rules for a “time travel” microwave, as they use it to reveal the mystery behind a secret organization.

Ruka or Luka is a character in the series who is one of the lab members. He is a male in most timelines; however, he always dresses up like a girl. His body is slender, and he has fair skin, which gives him more of a feminine appearance. He is easily frightened or spooked and cries when Okabe shouts or exclaims.

I love the way the series handles his love for Okabe without making it weird or overly dramatic. Without any hurtful or exaggerated plot, the feelings and relationships between the two are happily resolved.

Last Words

Recently, anime traps have gained a bit of controversy, but the fun and surprises remain. It is completely baffling to see that a character you crushed on is actually not what they seem to be. It is hilarious that so much social debate has been centered around the ideas from mangaka’s and animators’ minds. The arguments are not only in Japan but all over the world.


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