Ahiru No Sora Episode 46 Release Date And Much More

The anime series Ahiru No Sora has gained many fans around the world. Many youngster boys tend to like an anime series based on sports. Ahiru No Sora is one of that sport centric and dram series. Moreover, Ahiru No Sora anime series is compared with Slam Dunk, one of the best sports anime of time. No doubt that the episodes are enjoyable. If you have not watched the series, you must. You will feel fresh after watching the episodes. Don’t get addicted, though! Duh. Well, you might, but it’s okay. Moreover, the anime centers some schoolboys playing basketball. For those who watch the episodes regularly, let us find out the release date of Ahiru No Sora Episode 46. Soon season one will wind up. A total of fifty episodes are there in the first season of Ahiru No Sora. Moreover, anime premiered on October 2, 2019.

Release date of Ahiru No Sora Episode 46

The previous episode of the anime aired on August 26, 2020. The newest episodes of Ahiru No Sora airs on Wednesday every week. And, the release time differs according to your region.

The upcoming Ahiru No Sora Episode 46 will air on September 2, 2020.

Ahiru No Sora Episode 46
Source: The Cinemaholic

Recap of episode 45

A Yokohama players asked Sora whether he feels happy about the three-pointers he has earned. Sora replied that he is satisfied with gaining the pointers. He adds, now he only needs ten three-pointers to make 30 points. Meanwhile, by hearing what Sora told, Yokohama players think Sora has got mental. Yokohama player thought that in this little time, it was impossible to gain 30 points. So, he thought Sora was a fool for believing in himself.

Meanwhile, Sora asked the name of the guy. He replied his name as Yozan Kamiki. Sora asked him whether he learned to play from his mother or not. However, Yozan replied, that will you be able to make it till the top eight! Also, Yozan Kamaki added that next year they both would compete.

The discussion heated up. Meanwhile, the second half of the match begins. The opponent team of Sora manages to score 64 points. However, by the skills of Sora, the team earned a three-pointer. Everyone, especially Sora’s coach, are amazed at how he manages to use this type of fantastic talent.

Will Sora be able to reach his goal? Or he and his team will lose!?? See the next episode for more updates.



You can stream the episodes of the anime series on Crunchyroll.

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