Adachi To Shimamura: 3rd Promo Video For TV Anime Out;Releases October 8

Adachi To Shimamura is a Yuri light novel. The storyline revolves around two high school girls. Love never have boundaries. Hitoma Iruma writes the novel. And, Non gives the art of the novel. Then novel is one of its kind. The pride of the gay community increases because of this kind of books. People become more kind towards them. So, the upcoming anime is a must for those who are scared to speak up.

Moreover, the genre of the novel can be described as a romance, light fiction, slice of life, and Yuri. The third promo video of the upcoming anime series is out now. More about the synopsis, characters, etc. Will come ahead in this article. Also, know the release date of Adachi To Shimamura anime television series.

Release date of Adachi To Shimamura anime series

The announcement of the anime adaption was made earlier. This year the promo video of the anime series started creating excitement. Also, the third promo video is available. The promo video is 110 minutes long. So, have a look at one.

The official sources announced that the Adachi To Shimamura Yuri series would premiere on October 8, 2020. The anime will release in Japan. Get ready for some fun everyone. Soon, a treasure will come forth.

Adachi To Shimamura
Source: Reddit

More about the anime

Adachi To Shimamura a Yuri themed TV series directed by Satoshi Kuwabara. There are a total of four volumes of the light novel. Moreover, the theme song of the anime series is also out—an opening theme song titled Kimi ni Aeta Hi. Singers are Akari Kito and Miku Ito. Moreover, the ending theme song titled as Kimi no Tonari de sung by Akari Kito. The singers are main voice actors in the anime series.

This light novel is top-rated, and users most requested books in the Seven Seas survey.


Adachi and Shimamura are two high school girls. These two have reliable bonding as friends. Every day they chat about their favourite TV shows, songs, play tennis, and relax together. However, days went, and Adachi started having a romantic attraction. How would things turn around? To know that do not forget to watch the upcoming anime.


Two main character of the series are:

  • Sakura Adachi voiced by Akari Kito
  • Hogetsu Shimamura voiced by Miku Ito

The anime will be premiering on TBS and after a day on BS11.


That’s all about the anime. Until next time.

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