86 Episode 2: Release Date, Times and Updates

86 Episode 2 will be out very soon. The show has earned wide acclaim in a short time. Fantastic animation and a firm plot- essentials for a good anime are all part of this show. 86 is a mecha, seinen and military fiction with an underlying romance theme. The recent debutant is already being compared with one of the classics in its league, Code Geass. The show lives up to its hype and is as good as Code Geass, if not better.

86 Plot

86 is based on a light novel written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabi. The book, which went underprint in 2017, depicts the story of a fictional nation San Magnolia. San Magnolia is at war with the Empire of Giad for nine years now. The government uses robots that are publicly identified as unmanned drones known as Juggernauts. In reality, these war machines are operated by people known as ’86s.’ The 86s are individuals of the Colorata minority discriminated against and labeled non-human by the Alba majority.

Spearhead Squadron form the show (Image: Pinterest)

An Alba noble and a military officer, Major Vladilena “Lena” Mirizé, is appointed as the new ‘Handler’ of the Spearhead squadron, led by ‘The Undertaker.’ The squad is infamous for its notorious reputation of causing the death or suicide of their Handler.  86 progresses with the story of Lena, Undertaker, and the Spearhead squad while unraveling dark mysteries.

86 Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Episode 2 will be out on 17 or 18 April, depending upon the viewer’s location. The confirmed timings for the premier differ globally. The episode will be out at 9:30 am PDT, 11:30 am CDT,12:30 pm EDT, 5:30 pm BST, and 6:30 pm CEST on 17 April. On 18 April, the show will be out in Asia and Australia at 1:30 am KST, and 2 am ACST. The show timings are confirmed by Crunchyroll, which is streaming the series.

English Dub of 86?

The English dub of the show is not out yet. Additionally, we have no word as to when the English dub will debut. Like other shows, if 86 earns a decent fandom, the show will surely get an English dub. Till then, viewers will have to suffice themselves with the Japanese dub. However, since 86 is an exclusive from  Crunchyroll, we can be more or less sure it will get an English dub. Also, the show’s popularity from the first episode itself points to the fact.

86 Episode 1 Synopsis

Episode 1of the two cour anime, which aired on 11 April, introduced us to Major Lena. Lena is a hard-working officer and is friends with Annette from R&D. The episode begins with the two meeting at the Military Headquarters. Lena then meets her squad , who thank her for her kindness since Lena is the only commander who considers 86s as humans. Lena is then appointed to the Spearhead Squadron by General Jerome Carlstahl, who she refers to as ‘Uncle.’ Despite the troubling reputation of the said unit, Lena takes on the task.

Shin “The Undertaker” and Major Vladilena “Lena” Mirizé

Later, she again meets Annette, who reprimands her for taking up the role. After this, we see Lena on her last mission with her current squad. She also informs them about her transfer, and the unit thanks her. The episode ends with Lena contacting the Spearhead Squadron through their leader, ‘Undertaker’ or Shin. She introduces herself, and the squad welcomes her while deciding to get rid of her as well.

86 Episode 2 Preview

Officially, we have no spoilers, but we have a preview of episode 2 available. You can watch the preview here:


Though the preview does not tell us much, we can see the squad fighting and Lena acting as their handler. Hence in episode two, we might see the squad in action and the relation between Lena and the 86s developing. For more information about the show, check out the article here.

Final Conclusion

86 is a much-anticipated show. The gripping first episode did well in building the hype around the series, and now fans wonder what will episode two bring to the forefront? Episode two will air soon, and hopefully; it will live up to its expectations. For further updates, stay tuned!