86 Eighty Six: Cour 2 New PV Focuses on the ‘Snow Witch’ Anju Emma

The news about 86 Eighty-Six: Cour 2 New PV Focuses on the ‘Snow Witch’ Anju Emma keeps people on the edge of their seats with anticipation. 86-86- cour 1 ended on a horrible cliffhanger, and we’re still not over it. Shin and the Spearhead Squadron faced the Legion one more time and seemed to die for their freedom.

While the first season of the spring anime ended on a sad note, we have high expectations for the second season, which will premiere in the fall. The anime ticks all the boxes in the war-torn mecha sci-fi genre by including heart-wrenching fatalities and brutal realism.

The program has been shrouding itself in mystery to keep us waiting for the next installment. Meanwhile, it has been releasing character-specific PVs to mark the debut, and this time it is the turn of the Snow Witch. 86 -Eighty-Six- has released a character PV starring Anju Emma, the Snow Witch, for its forthcoming season 2, which will premiere on October 2, 2021.

86 Eighty-Six: Cour 2 New PV Focuses on the ‘Snow Witch’ Anju Emma

The video focuses on Anju and the person who means the most to her, Daiya Irma. There are scenes portraying them in combat as well as gentler moments enjoying one other’s company. It would surely warm the hearts of those who sent the two. While Anju’s speech is playing in the background, we witness Daiya die and reach out to Anju one final time. Despite her trauma, she puts on a solid face, only to cry later and cherish the memories of the person she loved.

Anju Emma 86 Eighty-Six
Image: Crunchyroll

Anju faced discrimination even within the 86 community since she was a mixed-race child. Anju grows out her hair to conceal her wounds from the past. Furthermore, the PV depicts Anju in combat, demonstrating that, while she is sweet and kind, she is also a formidable warrior and one of the Spearhead’s most extended surviving members. You don’t want to make the mistake of taking her for granted.

The anime 86 Eighty-Six, and its announcement of its  86 Eighty-Six Cour 2 New PV Focuses on the ‘Snow Witch’ Anju Emma has undoubtedly raised the stakes among the anime lovers, and we are excited as well.

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