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New Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura Under Tokoshie X Bullet Project

Kodansha’s Weekly Young magazine announced about upcoming manga. Promo video of the manga series posted by the official site. Akeji Fujimura writes and creates the manga. Tokoshie X Bullet Shinminato Koubousen Hen is the title of the manga. The release date of New Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura will come ahead in the article. Morion Airline created the story. Back in 2011 the writer Akeji Fujimura released Kami Sama ni lu Toori manga. Its sequel came in the year 2013. In the year 2016 the manga ended.

The series is an originals production of Kodansha and Bandai Namcoar along with 8 million co. Along with Kodansha weekly young magazine the manga will publish in ‘Good! afternoon.’

Release date of New Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura.

The upcoming New Manga by Akeji Fujimura will release on October 5, 2020. Another manga named Tokoshie X Ball, will also release on October 7, 2020. It will be published in the 11th issue of Good! Afternoon magazine.

The manga is under a science fiction project by Tokoshie and Bullet.

Have a look at the official teaser of the manga:

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Make sure to read the upcoming manga. It will be an exciting piece to read. Share your view on every chapter.

Plot of the manga

The story revolves around the masterminds of the upcoming era. The story set in the year 2040, the world will get destroyed by all the gigantic weapons. Tokoshie are the masterminds of this devasting event. They go out in the street and becomes the weapons. As soon as they are done all disappears. This happens now and then. But, after the last tragedy, nothing as such happened since years.

No weapon could fight the Tokoshie. However, one military company is dedicated to making such a weapon. Meanwhile, a girl sets herself into the mission of destroying Tokoshie. The girls parents were enemies with Tokoshie. A war of humans and its greatest enemy.

What will happen on the journey? Will humans find a way to get Tokoshie free ever!? There is no guarantee of a safe life for humans. However, how will the fight go? Read the upcoming interesting manga for unending thrill.

New Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura
Source: Pop times

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