New Host for Venom in Absolute Carnage

Monsterous symbiote is already taking over the world in Marvel universe spreading terror.  The darkness of symbiote named Knull, Spider-Man’s insane enemy is targeting every hero and villain who’s ever bonded. Along with Venom and Carnage, the yellow-and-red Scream is one of the most prominent symbiotes of the ’90s. The Life Foundation created it. Scream’s host ( Donna Diego) got killed in 2012, but after that, this symbiote reanimates and as an aggressive villain starts hunting civilians.

For almost three decades there have been many symbiotes in Marvel universe who are targeted by Carnage.  Patricia Robertson is one of them as she once bonded with a clone of Venom and now with Scream unwillingly! The bonding with Venom was shown in An Absolute Carnage: Scream#1 series.

There are variants of cover by artist Artgerm; they are magnificent, have a look, available on the website of marvel. Its first cover variant got published on August 7, 2019.