Over the years, we have seen anime characters with lighter skin tone. Now is the time for a change; this new anime comes up with a new approach where characters have beautiful darker/Asian skin tone. New Netflix original anime series premiered official trailer of Cannon Busters. The story revolves around the robot who is lost. Originally Cannon Buster is a fantasy comic book written by LeSean Thomas. In 2017 it was announced that the anime of Cannon Busters would be released. The premier got delayed from early 2019i.e March to late 2019.

Net series got premiered on Netflix on 15 August 2019; it contains 12 episodes written by LeSean Thomas.

The director of this series is, Takahiro Natori he remained part of many anime as an assistant director or director. One of his honorary work contains Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer direction. Tetsuya Kumagi is an artist,  Bradley Denniston and Kevin Begg are music composers, Satelight and Yumeta Company produced the series.

The official trailer link:

Various characters are starring in the anime such as Philly the Kid – The youngest wanted criminal in the western regions of Gearbolt. Samberry – A young girl drone who separated from her owner, Prince Toji. Prince Toji – The prince of Gearbolt. Lock -A man who is in search of the Last Heart which will unlock the secret of Gearbolt. 9ine – Assists Samberry on her journey to find Prince Toji. Casey Turnbuckle – An abandoned assistant and junk mechanic.

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