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My Love Mix-Up All Set To Get A Live-Action Adaptaion This Fall!

Love is complicated. It comes in no shape or size, and it certainly doesn’t knock before entering. Love is a feeling that just happens instantaneously in a moment and takes nearly forever to truly forget. My Love Mix-Up, which quite literally states love in its title, is a story that very well portrays exactly how complicated love can really get.

As mentioned before love is complicated. However, there is one thing that is ever more complicated than love, and that is A Love Triangle! Not only are they super complex and frustrating, but also, almost none of them ever truly end well for everyone. The story of My Love Mix-Up is a combination of one coincidence after another, creating an array of misunderstood moments and hidden feelings.

The plot of the story revolves around a young high schooler (Obviously) named Aoki. Now, Aoki has a super huge crush on the girl sitting next to him in the class named Mio Hashimoto. One day, a perfect chance arrives for Aoki to make his move when Mio drops her eraser. As Aoki steps in to pick it up for her (what a nice gentleman), to his despair, he sees another guy’s name on it. A guy sitting next to Mio named Kousuke Ida. However, the story isn’t finished yet! When Ida sees Aoki holding an eraser with his name on it, Ida misunderstands Aoki’s feelings for him and begins to think that Aoki might have a crush on him. Quite literally summing up the plot of My Love Mix-Up.

Image: Viz-Media

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Now it’s up to the trio to clarify their misunderstandings about each other, which in hindsight reveals what’s really in their hearts. Will our lovable trio have a happy ending? Or will some bonds be broken forever? Make sure to read the manga My Live Mix-Up available on  Viz-Media.

However, for our readers who are tired of reading the manga and want to see some real-life emotions on screen rather than on a black and white canvas, the good news is coming out for you because it was only recently revealed that My Love Mix Up is getting a live-action Tv Drama for PG-13 and adult audience coming out in the October of 2021!

However, this isn’t the end of good news because we all know what follows after a Live-Action Tv drama. That’s right. If the drama manages to actually take off, the popular manga will very likely also get its own anime adaptation! So what are you waiting for? Make sure to brace yourself this October because things are about to get super cute and super confusing with My Love Mix-Up.

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